No Smoking Day
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Day one tomm

Well here I am again :confused:

I gave up for over a year and a half about 4 years ago but something gave in and back on the demons.

I have tried smoking cessation hypnosis and it's got to a stage I can't carry on.

I'm going on patches and inhalator and am determined as hell that I'm not gonna be beaten again.

Every time I have a cig I feel a sigh of relief for a moment then feel rough as he'll after plus irritable.

Just want to be a happy person again and a bit richer.

Wish me luck xxx

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Hi Emma, lovely to meet you and good luck with your quit let's hope this is the one for you :)

Can I ask what drove you back to cigarettes after quitting 18 months? I'm not picking fault whatsoever it could very well be me one day but I'm just interested xxx


Good Luck

Hi Emma

Get into the mindset. You are there, have no fear, just stick to it. You don't know how strong you are. Believe in yourself. It isn't easy, as you know, but you'll get there, day by day.

Fingers crossed. Go for it girl. This is your time.

Good luck



Thanks everyone. Well just had last cig and read Alan Carr book so as the book states I class myself as a non smoker !!!!:)


Dear Emma

For smokers, I don't think there is The Last Cigarette - well that's what I think. I stopped on 11.112013, and kept on tormenting myself that I hadn't had my Last Fag, said a proper Goodbye, whatever! So, on 31.12.2013, I addressed The Last Smoke and smoked. It effected me badly, health-wise and emotionally. But the real take is that the ritual we were addicted to, after having gone through the initial cessation journey, just does not allow the same 'supposed smoking effect' as when we were habitual smokers because WE have crossed over. Who has experienced this can understand. You must rationalize it all. Because, the real low down is that not smoking is a win win situation.

Be strong

Hang in there - you are made of sterner stuff!

A valuable word of advice - address eating..... or the control of it before you pile on more than you are comfortable with.




Welcome Emma and wishing you all the best on your journey


Hi Emma- welcome aboard the quit train :)

Great place for tips, support, rants and whoops - all of us are having different experiences on different days, so there's always someone around who get's what it's like for you right when you need them to.

Keep posting and let us know how it goes

Good luck for tomorrow



Welcome, im a pretty new member here, but the people on this Forum are amazing, very supportive people! Also everyone has quit using different methods so its great to get information!

Wishing you all the luck on your journey! :p


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