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Day 4 and boy it is a hard one


Hi all

Many thanks firstly to those that have me through the first few days and seeing me to Day 4 :D

But is it me, or is Day 4 the hardest. I am finding it the hardest day so far, even to the point where the box of chocolates we got at Xmas, which was left on the side all over the holidays has had a massive bashing today :eek:

I feel light headed, irritable, depressed and ready to blow so did not go in to work but today is damned hard, but at least I can say for the first time in my life I have hit Day 4 of not smoking, that does feel good.

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You're doing amazingly!!!!! I'm on day 4 too and the way I see it is this.

Everybody states that after the first 72 hours, the physical symptoms of withdrawal start to decrease. We have done 72 hours. that means that our bodies are slowly, slowly stopping wanting nicotine. And therefore, our symptoms are now more psychosomatic.

Now that I've convinced myself of that, I know we're over one of the hardest bits. Think of it this way. It's not just day 4 now. It's nearly day 4 1/2. Which is well over half a week. STAY STRONG. Bash away at those chocolates. Have one for me (I've only got apples, boooo) and we'll get there!!

I wish I could say you will wake up tomorrow and you will be fine but I can't. HOWEVER I promise it does get easier day by day and I know on day 4 even day 7 looks a long way away but I assure you the time will pass very quickly and you will feel better.

Do what it takes to make you feel better, eat the chocolate, go for a bath, kick the dog (well maybe not:rolleyes:).

Sending you a hug my love xx

Emily... Fank you. Not sure my body had actually got over the need for nicotine though lol....maybe my day 4 is most peoples day 3 as I feel I am climbing the walls, but if it is psychosomatic then I am going take myself outside and have words with him :o

Maybe it is simply cos I am at home...along and although have enough work to is still a relaxed place to be rather than my manic office at work.... I have time to think about stuff...(Answer to self: STOP THINKING!)

Cheers Emily...some nice words there though and well done yourself on getting to today. Meet you in Day 5.... the chocolate.....kick the dog (well maybe not:rolleyes:).

Christine... :D Already done both...LOL

Thank you for the hug though x

Christine... :D Already done both...LOL

Thank you for the hug though x

LOL, you still have your humour. Good luck

My day three was the worst. I look it at as a mountain range. 72 hours was the peak of the hardest and toughest mountain and although there's more to climb, we've done the hardest now. There'll be others but we'll be fitter by then and more able to climb them!! I made sure I was in bed for 9 last night as I knew this is when I would 'peak'!

I've been at work all week (the one downside to working across the road from my house-no snow excuses!). My concentration was terrible until this morning but today I've actually managed to get some things done and I feel better for it! My main problem is breaking up the day- I always used to think 'ooo I'll have a ciggy at 11, etc...) so now I'm treating myself to a large glass of cold water or a chocolate lime sweet (I've become obsessed with these and need to ration my intake). Just remember this. Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, I'm dead proud of you!!

I'm dead proud of you!!

Ditto Emily. Day 4 is great day I have to admit, I am so excited to be here and it is a day for anyone who has smoked to be proud of. Day 5 is better than today I gather, just hope I do not put too much weight on eating the chocolate and hope the dag will talk to me again one..LOL

Hi Papillon and Emily :D

You're both doing just fine hang in there I Promise it gets easier

Days 3 and 4 can be very tough for some of us but get through them and you're over the worst of it

It takes a little while for your bodies to realise you've stopped feeding it a diwt od chemicals but it will catch on soon now

All the things you're finding are normal for the psychological bit of quitting click the bottom link in my signature it will help you with this OK


Marg xx

I felt like that on day two...isn't nice! Thankfully I was at home so spent the entire day on the sofa, listening to all 6 hours of Alan Carrs Easy Way...that made me want to give up....never EVER want to sit through that again.

Look at it as a positive side effect! From what I gather the light head comes from receiving too much oxygen (well not too much, but more than your used to) to the brain. You're getting a natural high from oxygen as it's replacing the carbon monoxide in your blood.

It's all good really!

Boy Maragaret there is an aweful lot of words in that doc..LOL... Reading that with a cup of tea (and a chocolate biscuit of 3 :rolleyes:) will keep me from the shops for at the a couple of hours that is for sure....

That's good

Your doing great Papillon - really really well.

About the biscuits if that's what you need then eat them. Many of us worried about weight gain I was at my last quit attempt.

And initially at this attempt I thought that I would really, really watch my weight and it will be a lifestyle change. However I do now think I'll just concentrate on one thing at a time(after listening to the wise people of this site) I think hey ho I will probably put some weight on. But if I can conquer this smoking thing then I can do anything. Once I feel comfortable as an ex smoker I will then worry about my weight.

Can I have a biscuit please?

Can I have a biscuit please?

Biscuits on the way..LOL

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