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My Crave Buster


This really helps me when I'm craving (err like now actually) it's the tub I used in my smoking bit in the garden and now lives under my bed (with a lid on of course) sniffing that makes me want to vom!!

I'd recommend it to anyone just starting out because *that* is what smoking makes you smell like!! :eek::eek::eek:

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yukky yukky

but brilliant i used the same tactic in the beginning of my quit and it helped no end

distracting your mind too by making lists of all the things your going to do with the extra cash is always a great motivation especially as each one you get you cross it out of the list

plus its a list you can just keep adding to it so its a neverending list :D

oh now i have that song in my head :rolleyes:

neverending story


love that film :D :p;)

hehe admit it now your singing it too :D:D

Isn't it minging?

Scary how fast that little lot built up too!!

Oooh and i could do with working out how to spend the £327 I've saved :D :D

Gemma that is great :D

Let's face it we all know smoking is dangerous,smelly expensive and stupid :mad:

but Nicdemon is a MASTER at illusions ,as good as any Magician and he can make us think,as Lewis has found-maybe smoking ain't so bad after all?:

It definitely puts me off having a fag :eek:

But yes, the demon does know how to work on us - and all the "nice" images of smoking we've got come out in force.

My downfall is the rebellion/naughty thing - but having a good whiff of that is very helpful!!

It damned well IS THAT BAD!!!!!!!

Gemma what you look at and smell is the reality of smoking.The smoke does not disappear to Fairyland when we inhale,you know.:eek: It enters our airways,it is very HOT when it does so so it viciously assaults the poor little cells of your throat and airway before plunging into the ever smaller airways of the alveoli;it doesn't just evaporate it has to go somewhere and STOP somewhere.:mad: once there it coats the lining of your lungs with a potent mix of poison,which your body then tries its blessed hardest to remove :confused:

It's scary isn't it?

Never thought about that much when I smoked, but now it's not good!!

One time I exhaled through a tissue and it was pretty ick though - a dirty yellow stain, but I stupidly took that as meaning it was mostly coming back out.

Going to smoke today?


Flipping heck NO!!

I won't smoke today :D

Why would you keep that in the house :eek:

As I said in the first post Karri, to remind me what it smells like and to stop me craving.

I saw that. It's still a disgusting thing to keep in the house :confused:

Why? It's got a lid on it. :rolleyes:

And heck, it keeps me off smoking which is far more disgusting!!

You don't need to be so defensive Gemma.

It's foul is all im saying. If it helps you then fine but if you put up the picture then I can post about it.

I'm not being defensive in the least, a little bemused maybe.

I posted that because it helped me and i thought it might be a good tip to help other quitters.

Hey whatever works :D. Anything to kill Nicodemon :D


That escalated rather.

Glad to see you're still here sweetie pie! And it sounds as though you're as strong as ever! :D xxx

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