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Craving but hanging in!

nsd_user663_4609 2 and mornings are my worst time, school run stress and mardy kids ..I usually buy a pack on the way home so left my debit card at home and just took enough cash for milk. Felt pretty pleased when the lady reached for my usual pack and I said I had quit...Planned loads to do today to keep me busy. I will do this....:D

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Good strategy with the debit card :) You could also tell your regular shop not to sell you cigarettes no matter what :p

Your long term goal for now is to do 9 days, beating the 8 days you've just done.

Short term, just tell yourself you won't smoke for 1 hour, then when that hour is up say it again.

You don't have to go cold turkey to start with Ali, if you are finding it hard use some form of NRT to give you a kick start. Tiny steps take you a long way and this isn't a race.

I insist that any time you are struggling you post on here and wait for some replies. :p Since you joined in 2009, you haven't really stuck close to the forum, it's another tool to help you quit and has worked for so many over the years - what have you got to lose?

Come on, I feel that deep down you are made of strong stuff, roll up your sleeves and get ready to battle :)

Yes! I remember that feeling of declining the fags, good isn't it? Every little victory helps us build on our quit, with your busy day and planning looks like you've laid the foundations for another successful day. Really want you to do this, when you get a crave just look to getting through an hour, all the best for today x

Such a wonderful pstart to day 2, please keep close to the forum, it has indeed saved many a quit, especially in the first few weeks.

May be get some boiled sweets, a little bottle of cold water to sip.

Just hold tight, you are stronger than you think, you can and will do this, good luck today

Thank you all so much. Its for me not believing I am ever going to be a non smoker it is so much a part of who I am and what I do...hpw stupid does that sound. I hate smoking , I hate the smell, I hate the fear, I hate it so why does not doing it make me feel scared? However I am more scared my kids will ever smoke so that is my motivation today. Off to the library with my youngest then nursery pick up and going to play nature bingo at the park. Thanks again x


I am on Day 2 too!! :) Just wanted to say well done and I can sympathise how difficult it is with children around to raise the stress bar!!

Gotta go get some housework done but will be around later for a chat if you want!!

Vicky. X

Ha Vicky cross posted...definitely so glad we have stopped on same day, will help having a quit twin :D x

Good work Ali :)

My daughter loves nature bingo , she draws the boards before we go ( leaves, twigs, bush, bird etc) then ticks them off... sadly the weather has been rubbish so made fudge, honeycomb and fairy husband will be pleased when he gets in :D

No disrespect to nature bingo, but given a choice between that and fudge, honeycomb and fairy cakes?..........come on! :)

lol my honeycomb was a bit of a flop but tastes this rate I will be a no smoker but with no teeth in my head and 20 stone...:-D

I'm on day 2 aswell :) we so can do this ladies xx

Yay Donna, how funny three of us decided yesterday was THE are you doing?

I am doing great thanks hun, mainly because I have a sore throat and chesty cough, the thought of smoking makes me want to retch :/ lets do this :)

I am finding Candy Crush and Cookie Jam is helping when I get a craving...hope your chest clears soon Donna x

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