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cross with my craving


Today is day 19 and I have been doing really well. I still am to be honest. Mentally I am dead certain I will never smoke another cigarette again. But. This afternoon I have started to dismantle my old bed and a new one is arriving. In the old days I would do a bit, then smoke, then do a bit etc etc. The cravings are awful, like wriggling worms in my stomach, dizzy, shaking, mouth has an awful taste in it that no amount polos or tooth brushing can get rid of. I have resorted to shouting rude words at myself and breaking up the dismantling with reads of this forum. I did not expect, to be honest, a crave this bad so far along. I know its probably a habit thing and it will pass and as I said, I will never resort to smoking. Just needed a rant!

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Hi Fiona,

Come along and rant any time you like we wont mind, and you are probably right an old trigger you had forgotten about dont worry it will pass. Stick with it you know it`s worth it:D:D


Sorry to read that you are getting bad craves. You are doing the right thing by trying to distract yourself and not giving in. Countless times we oldies say it does get better, and it does. But small consolation to a person when they are going through the throws of bad cravings.

There is some talk about the terrible 3's. I had them and week 3 for me was endless and so many times I thought to have a cig just to make things a bit easier. It wouldn't have...the only thing that would have done is make the withdrawals longer.

I'm interested that you have Allen Carr in your sig as a previous quit method. Do you still have his book around that you could dip into. He also has another resource available on-line - 'Scandal'.

It's the psychological seeming warfare that you are going through and it will pass. Be proud of yourself that you are getting through each day. I sipped water a lot in the early days and just transferred the thoughts to my water bottle.

Hi Fiona

So sorry your having a bad day. We all get them good job that theres more good than bad. It may just be the first time your moving furniture around silly I know. But the other week when we had snow it was a nightmare week for me. Keep busy hun it will pass. Hope your new bad gives you many lovely restfull nights and the rest. WINK WINK. HEHE.xxxxx

Hi Fiona :)

Rant away as much as you need to just don't light up you would be so angry with yourself if you did you know this is a habit crave backed up by those sneaky b..........d NICOTINE DEMONS they are always hanging around waiting to pounce in an umwary moment :mad:

Some talk of the terrible 3's as Cav says with me it was a supposedly lucky number 7 day seven was bad and also week 7 thought I was going mad it was Stuart and this forum pulled me threw I read and read until had a headache so angry with myself I could talk to no one but Stuart so hope I don't get another as if it goes in 3's my next one is overdue and then it will me me ranting hang in there it will go in fact probably already has

Love and a big big hug


Hi there,

Strange that Cav has just mentioned the threes, as I have just replied to another post (Eileen) and confirmed that I had bad times on Day 3, Week 3 and Month 3.

We all know what those cravings feel like - like a worm wriggling inside you:eek:

Just think of the benefits of not having that fag - it wouldn't make anything better and you'd only feel worse with yourself.

When you've done your furniture building, treat yourself to something nice, even if it's just a hot shower with some smellies!!

Thanks guys, read the posts and pushed on feeling much better! Cav, yes I did use Allen Carr but I have read the book so many times it makes me sleepy just thinking about it! However, you did remind me I have his little book of quiting which has all the phrases and reminders without the rest of the text around it which I got out and had a read of. Will check out the site though. Strange, but yes, day three, and week three! I shall watch out for the 3rd month! My bed is lovely and well worth the ranting! And to top it off my husband and two friends were in the kitchen smoking with the door closed and I thought, no, I will not be an outcast so kicked them into the garden and stood smugly at the backdoor chatting away whilst they furtively finished their smokes and I felt fantastic!! Thanks again, have tried to post help rather than be helped but sometimes you just need that support. xxxx

Fiona..... I think that is quite impressive to have stayed strong around others who smoke...... you are a strong woman..... isn't that what Allen Carr said.... smokers are very strong? Well, us ex-smokers are super strong :-) Don't know you but I'm proud of you :)

PS - I use a hypnosis cd to get me through my psychological cravings..... I feel it helps....

Hi Fiona :D

Glad you feel better today and the bed worth all the aggravation for you had a giggle to myself at thought of your Hubby and freinds in kitchen smoking and you kicking them into garden then smugly talking oh that did me a world of good well done, you'll shame into quitting yet



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