No Smoking Day
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Day 90!! Ten days to go

Ten days till the big 100 day milestone. Still no fags have been smoked since November 16th last year which seems such a distant memory . I have got used now to my non smoking routine. In the past, there was a spot where I would have my morning smoke before work. It doesn't even cross my mind now when I walk past my "smoking spot" every morning to work.

What is also good is that I know if I have a cigarette it will be vile and will feel the same when I had my first ever smoke. So that means there is no point me having one and basically forcing my self to like it. Never going back there again.

What started as a personal experiment to see if I could stop for a month had now grown into a permanent quit!!!!

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That's fab, well done!! :D :D

You've got your quit right in your head, and that's why it will be a forever one :)


Too cool, Woody!!!! I'm not worthy!!!


Well done Woody - keep up the good work!!

Only 9 days left to go .....


Fantastic Woody :D

You're really blazing a trail for us behind you to follow. Well done indeed. :)


Thanks all for messages and support


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