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Day 90 but feeling rubbish

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I am on day 90 today but feeling rubbish. I feel like I have had one l-o-n-g crave all day. I know I shouldn't complain because up until now I feel I have had it relatively easy but it's been on my mind all day and can't shake it.

I was going to go out for a run earlier but I couldn't even be bothered to do that and all I've done is eat which has only made me feel worse. I am edgy and been relying on my inhalator but although it's helped a bit, that's all it's done. I thought I had cracked it by now but I have been given a serious wake-up call.

I will be glad when the local shop and off licence has closed because I feel tempted whilst they remain open.....

maxine :mad::eek:

12 Replies

Awe Maxine, just seen your post...

90 DAYS.... Your my hero....:D

That's AWESOME.... I'm only 17 days so miles and miles behind you and I was rather hoping that by Day 90 all thoughts of smoking would be well and truly banished to a previous

Just looking at your signature 31 years smoking...... and 3 months quit ....

I suppose it's normal to expect a few craves for a little while yet :rolleyes:

Stay strong, cause it's you 'professional (sp) quitters' that keep us newbies going !


Maxine you are doing great, ninety days is about a quarter of a year. We all have bad days, after all if it was all easy there wouldn't be any smokers (Well not many) Do some reading from peoples sigs and then write down some good reasons for/against smoking, I know which will score most. Just keep struggling if you have to Maxine, it will get easier again and read the post from Dee in the year section. David


Morning folks and thanks for the support.

I am pleased to say that determination won the day but only because I sent myself to bed early. I was a miserable moo yesterday (I even annoyed myself) and I think my boyfriend was relieved to get some peace and quiet from my ramblings, pacing up and down and generally being a pain (he's a non-smoker!).

What took me completely by surprise after all this time was the strength of the craving and the fact it seemed to last all day. I haven't had to use my inhalator for a while now and yesterday I got through 2 cartridges ...... I don't want to be putting nicotine back in my body but it was the only way otherwise I am not absolutely convinced I would have got through it on my own.

Anyway, another day over and peace has been restored today. I am still feeling a little edgy but I think that's down to me being caught 'off guard'. After going through all that yesterday, it has made me even more determined not to go back to the dreaded weed and I can now safely say that I have not smoked 2,071 fags, yippee

Sorry to any newbie quitters reading my post. Please don't be put off. As I said earlier, I have had it relatively easy compared to some and I think that's why it hit me as hard as it did, because it was so completely unexpected.

Off to the shops shortly (no, not to buy any ciggies :D ) going to get some ingredients to make myself a healthy tomato and roasted red pepper soup after all my pigging out yesterday. I don't think I will be going out for a run today though but if I do decide to go later it will be more of a waddle.......! :eek:

Dragon, I remember your post from day 1 and you are doing really well, already nearly approaching 3 weeks; time does go quite quickly and before you know it a month will have passed then 2.

Thanks again to you all.

maxine (managed to reach day 91) :D


Hey Maxine just pretend you are 14 ish and your anon smoker. would you want to start .. you know it never made you grown up. it wasnt/isnt cool. you dont need to do that to be part of the gang. you dont need it to comfort you there are better things. so for all those reasons that started you off all them years ago. none of them is actually relevant today. What would you say to a child of yours that was tempted to smoke?....remember smoking is highly addictive ,dont start...



Wow, that soups sounds great :D

Sadly there are up and down days one has to get past...even at 90...erm 91 days. That's why we 'oldies' encourage reading into the various other sites for further information. It exists here on NSD too...just that little bit more difficult to locate *sigh*

You'll have heard of the Terrible Threes, but possibly not read the link attached there. Even if you have it's good to remind oneself. Clearing brainwashing from long nicotine addiction takes time...I was for 31 years a fool :o

Read, read, read, and education helps with this ongoing mental realignment ;)



Not to worry, I, was a bit hesitant myself about posting as I don't want to put any newbies off but the reality is, as has now been proved, it's not always plain sailing. I can see now what others mean about getting complacent.

The good news is I am completely over it today and feel ok. I have to stay strong anyway because tomorrow I will have completed month 3 and will be going into month 4 and once I get to 100 days I only want to remember on the 1st of each month if that's possible which I am sure it is once another few months have passed. My determination has not waned despite feeling so awful and will have to make it up to my boyfriend next weekend for being such a miserable moo this weekend. ;) :D

Calavier, my soup was lovely - very healthy, comforting and warming, a bit too warm actually as I think I over did it with the chilli!! :eek::D

Thanks again everyone.



Not to worry, I, was a bit hesitant myself about posting as I don't want to put any newbies off but the reality is, as has now been proved, it's not always plain sailing. I can see now what others mean about getting complacent.

Maxine and all other readers,

It seems to have been mentioned quite a lot recently that some of us are hesitant about saying on the boards that they are going through a difficult time. Although it's considerate to think that by drawing attention to any difficulties it may put off newbies...surely that doesn't actually make sense or proper use of the Forum :confused:

If these issues aren't discussed in open Forum then it could be that a newbie could question why they themselves are having such a difficult time when everyone else seems to be getting along swimmingly.

By raising these issues on open Forum it actually allows discussion and more information added to help in overcoming nicotine addiction. That can only be of benefit to everyone.

Think I'll get off my soap-box and make some autumnal soup now :)



I'm sure newbies & oldies will know and understand that quitting smoking is hardly a walk in the park. There are bad days, ok days & positive days but if you can't come on to a stop smoking forum and rant for support then it's not much of a forum :)

Rant away, complain, moan, cry, laugh, joke, be happy. What ever you need to do this is the place to do it, you don't get much better support than on this forum I have found :)

Finally.... Maxine... I am so proud of you!!! you are now over 90 days and aproaching 100!!


woo x



Can I just say your post has helped me today, I'm on day 54 and really struggled this morning and like you I found it reasonably easy except for a few difficult moments.

By reading your post it has helped me realise that I am not alone and even 3 or months in to a quit there will be tough moments and this morning has just been one of those for me, I know it will pass eventually and I can remain strong.




Morning folks and thanks for the support.

I am pleased to say that determination won the day but only because I sent myself to bed early.

Nothing wrong with that! Best thing you could have done :)

The really good news is that during that hard day, a lot of synapses in your brain were breaking down. It was a milestone for you, physically!


I find the 'honest' posts on this forum are what are really helping me!!! I don't want to hear people saying 'its easy'. If it's so easy, they wouldn't be on here, surely??????

Well done on your quit so far and send some soup this way plllleaseeeeeee, sounded lovely



It aint easy being cheesy

Im coming up on month 4 and its not easy but getting easier. No one is going to stop on a dime when doing it for years. You have to pay the piper. If you have smoked long enough and your health has declined your REWARD will be on how your body feels in the future and $$$. Your savings will grow and mature.


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