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Hey everyone,

I've been quite quiet lately as I wanted to take a break from these forums, like some people have said on here before, I got quite obsessed with checking these forums all the time (not always posting but lurking and reading, cheering folks etc). I think I need to take a break as it's affecting my work (checking forums when I should be working is a common thing for me).

I'm now at 256 days smoke free and it's got to the stage where walking past people who blow smoke at me makes me feel a bit ill so I feel nice and confident in my quit. I'll still pop by and do the occational post and let folks know how i'm doing.

So, to sum up, a HUGE thank you to the regulars who have helped me during the early days (too many to mention but special thanks to Gemma-Lou, Kat, Max, Skiddaw, DebbieH and the countless foks who make this forum such a wonderfull place to be, if I haven't named you it's because my memory is shocking, please don't be offended as none is meant). I'll probably still lurk but for the sake of my livelyhood I need to clear my head somewhat :)

You are all my hero's and every single person who quits has my utmost respect and admiration to follow through with something which is tough but ultimately so very rewarding.



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Much respect and admiration to you for doing so well.

Stay strong. :) bb x


You're doing absolutely fab, massive well done!! :D :D :D

See you when we see you :)

Reply Hoo

Congratulations Simon.

I know exactly what you mean about spending too much time on here and I too am a lurker :o Still 55 days behind you :cool:


What a lovely thing to say Simon :)

Its the other way around you see, because actually you're a hero to me. If I can make Day 265 in as grand a style as you I will be a very lucky and thankful girly :D

Just come and go as you feel is appropriate but don't disappear altogether will you? I'm not half looking forward to cheering you into the penthouse. :)


Well done on reaching 265 days.

Thank you for the support you have given us newbies and please come back and tell us how you are doing



Fantastic's not goodbye

It's au revoir :D


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