256 and counting

Hey everyone,

I've been quite quiet lately as I wanted to take a break from these forums, like some people have said on here before, I got quite obsessed with checking these forums all the time (not always posting but lurking and reading, cheering folks etc). I think I need to take a break as it's affecting my work (checking forums when I should be working is a common thing for me).

I'm now at 256 days smoke free and it's got to the stage where walking past people who blow smoke at me makes me feel a bit ill so I feel nice and confident in my quit. I'll still pop by and do the occational post and let folks know how i'm doing.

So, to sum up, a HUGE thank you to the regulars who have helped me during the early days (too many to mention but special thanks to Gemma-Lou, Kat, Max, Skiddaw, DebbieH and the countless foks who make this forum such a wonderfull place to be, if I haven't named you it's because my memory is shocking, please don't be offended as none is meant). I'll probably still lurk but for the sake of my livelyhood I need to clear my head somewhat :)

You are all my hero's and every single person who quits has my utmost respect and admiration to follow through with something which is tough but ultimately so very rewarding.



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  • Much respect and admiration to you for doing so well.

    Stay strong. :) bb x

  • You're doing absolutely fab, massive well done!! :D :D :D

    See you when we see you :)

  • pic4ever.com/images/greenst... Hoohttp://www.pic4ever.com/images/greenstars.gif

    Congratulations Simon.

    I know exactly what you mean about spending too much time on here and I too am a lurker :o Still 55 days behind you :cool:

  • What a lovely thing to say Simon :)

    Its the other way around you see, because actually you're a hero to me. If I can make Day 265 in as grand a style as you I will be a very lucky and thankful girly :D

    Just come and go as you feel is appropriate but don't disappear altogether will you? I'm not half looking forward to cheering you into the penthouse. :)

  • Well done on reaching 265 days.

    Thank you for the support you have given us newbies and please come back and tell us how you are doing


  • Fantastic achievement......it's not goodbye

    It's au revoir :D

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