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1st Year and counting!


Hi all!!!

So! I've FINALLY reached the first year milestone of not smoking and it's GREAT!!! I say 'first' and not just 'one year' because I'm planning on it being the first of many... I can't wait for the 'smoker me' to be a distant memory. Admittedly, I had 2 cigarettes sometime in April... this was followed by 3 days of feeling completely sick (like a constant hangover) and I have no interest in repeating my mistakes!

Mind you, I seem to have lost most of my cravings now and not smoking comes completely naturally to me. Funnily enough, I was made redudundant on the 31st of August and I didn't get a single craving. I kept thinking that I wished there was some magic pill that would make everything better, but smoking was never an option or desire. 4 days later I was offered a job elsewhere and I really would have kicked myself if I'd have given in.

I feel clean and fresh every morning and when I excersise I NEVER run out of breath which means I keep on going until my muscles give in... It's a very liberating feeling and I would have never got there if on this day last year I hadn't decided that I was going to put smoking behind me. It may sound silly but Day 1 really is the first day of the rest of your life - it's choosing life.

Day 3/4 of my quit I found this forum and I truly believe that the people on here are what got me to succeed up till now. Their kind words, support, advice and wisdom got me through some very tough times.

Thanks everyone, and I hope someone who may be struggling today finds this useful xx

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:D Congratulations to you Sofia :cool:

I recall your little 'slip' off the wagon and knew at the time it would strengthen your resolve.

Jackie sends her best wishes and congrats to you. Jackie can't access her pc currently but didn't want your amazing 1 year milestone to go without her best wishes being passed on to you.

*raises cup of coffee* To you, long may you continue to choose life :cool:

Pol xx

congrats sofia

one whole year bloody brilliant

i have through my quit always looked up to you because u were that bit ahead of me and when u posted wat u were going through and that things were better i knew i would feel like u somewhere down the line

well done and may there be many more to come

Woo Woo Sofia

Never had a doubt I'd be posting on your one year thread.

No coffee to raise to your good health at the mo - will rectify.

Congrats on new job too and not taking up the demon weed again.



Well done Sofia

Excellent result...keep me wa space reserved in the Penthouse I will be there soon!!



Cant wait to see the rest of the 8-9-10's coming into the penthouse!!

MASSIVE well done Sofia, you have done so well!

Supercongratulations!!! A huge hiphooray to you, 1 YEAR is MASSIVE!!! :)

Hi all!!!

So! I've FINALLY reached the first year milestone of not smoking and it's GREAT!!!

Woohoo...Superb, Sofia :cool:

It just gets better year on year in my experience and I'm sure will be yours too :)

I feel clean and fresh every morning...

You were always one of the breaths of fresh air blowing throwing NSD and thanks for being so :)

Keep on keepin' on,


Well done! Congrats on a terrific achievement!

Awwww, thanks guys! You're all very sweet, I'm glad many of you had confidence in me when I didn't even have it in myself.

Can't wait for my other NSD buddies who quit right after me to join me in here - it's super friendly! :p

Hooray hooray hooray!!

I'm so delighted for you. It's a tremendous achievement. I can't wait to get there myself.

You've been a star on this forum, and you were one of those who really supported me when the going got tough. It was and is hugely appreciated.

So a big huge massive


to you. Enjoy the penthouse!!



Hi Hun

CONGRATULATIONS to you on reaching that first year mark. I never doubted that you could do it and you have been an inspiration to not only me but the many others that have joined us on here too.

It wont be long and i too will be with you at the penthouse but its your day not mine so make sure you treat yourself.

I also totally agree with you about being able to do exercise and not get out of breath also smelling so much nicer, not worrying if people notice if i smoke or not. Anyhow WELL DONE YOUNG LADY and i will see you soon :)


Congrats Sofia!

Well done, Sofia, welcome to the Penthouse, it's a big huge milestone, you should be very proud.

Levs1000 Days Smoke Free


So very pleased for you. I always knew you would find your way here, it was destined !!!. Always loved to see your milestones rack up as I was always just a month behind you.

Be very proud of yourself for reaching this, the biggest of milestone, the Penthouse :D:D:D:D

Sian xxx

Excellent going Sofia!!!

I'll be happy to join you soon (next month).


(So sorry for late post) But wanted to add my congratulations.

It really is the best feeling in the world and the best decision I ever made.

Have fun in the penthouse Im not far behind you :)

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