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Losing count!

Hi all,

most reading this won't know me but I quit nearly 2.5years ago and I still feel great! I'm so happy to see that actually a lot of my quitting buddies are still around and doing well (sorry for not replying to each of your anniversary threads individually!)

I have to admit, I've had a couple of cigs in the past 2.5yrs but always, always ALWAYS regretted it! Each time has been under the influence of alcohol so I know I have to still be vigilant.

You know what I have never regretted though? all the times I wanted to light up but I DIDN'T. I have never once thought 'I wish I would have just gone back to smoking when I had the chance' (that would be crazy, right?!). Instead, everyday I think 'I am so happy I quit when I did! why didn't I do it earlier?!'

I've forgot what it was like to even be a smoker know - I have friends who didn't even know me when I was a smoker, it's a complete 2nd chance at life. If you're just starting out then remember that all of us up here in the penthouse started there in day 1 - all you can do is take it one day at a time!

Funny story - my niece was born on the 12/12/12... her mum had serious complications during the birth and when we went to visit she was in a lot of pain and on a lot of medication... however, the first thing she said to me was 'isn't it your 2 year anniversary of not smoking today?'. I just had to laugh because I'd completely forgotten! It just goes to show how something that you do for yourself can be appreciated so much by others.

I'll stop my very long post now as I just wanted to make sure that people knew I hadn't given up on giving up. I hope this post gives some courage to others who are struggling

Sofia x

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Just wow!! Well done, and what a fantastic story!

I'm on day 8 so a bit of catching up to do, but this is the first real attempt I've made and I'm so determined to do it, and reading posts like yours, makes it achievable.

Thanks for the words

Nicki xx


2,5yrs is amazing! Also managing to get back on board after a blip is huge. I never managed that. Whenever I had 'just one' I ended up smoking several months. Many congrats!



2.5 years is brilliant Sophia! Thanks for telling us it is so important you long term quitters make an appearance it makes it all seem so much more doable.


Sofia (beautiful name)

Just love readings post like this, thanks for sharing:)

Fi x


Thx Fi - although can't take much credit for the name ;)

Roosa - I just didn't want to be 'that' person anymore, I decided 2.5yrs ago that I wasn't a smoker anymore and that was it :)

Good luck all x


Hey Sophia :)

So glad to see another 8-9-10'er going strong :)


Well done Sofia!

Great to hear you're still going strong (like me :D)!



Hi Sofia :)

Great to hear your still smoke free


Well I remember you :)

Congratulations - it feels fab doesn't it? I met someone recently, and when it came up in conversation she looked at me with her jaw on the floor and said "I'd NEVER have imagined you were a smoker!". Little do they know, eh?...

Here's to the next two years!

Helen x


Thx Helen, Carol, Alex and Claire :)

Yup - exactly Helen... I'm not sure what people seem to think a smoker should look/act/talk like but yeah, apparently we don't give off that 'aura' anymore :P



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