No Smoking Day
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O my gosh!!!

Moring everyone, I was watching TV last night and saw someone enjoying a cig, next minute bang nico crave kicked in!!! I jumped up, got busy, listened to some loud music and went straight to bed.

Had a crap sleep, first thing on my mind that morning cig, tense head and heart pounding!! Really thought I was over that morning one:( So Happy Monday turned into Manic Monday and now it's Turkey Tuesday as I'm clucking for a cig!!! Damnnnnnnn!!

Right it's a cold shower and lets see what else you got nico!!!! Wish me luck! You all have a good day :D X

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And you Rochey :)

Sounds like you're giving the Demon a good kicking around the room anyway.

But I know what you mean. Sometimes it really does feel like someone threw you a curve ball. Just hold on in there until it passes because it will. :D


Ah Rochey I hate the craves that just come out of nowhere and last for what seems like hours! You can go days even weeks without really thinking about it then BAM there he is tempting you to come back to the dark side.... The get...... :D well, he's out of luck with us lot cos we aren't having a bar of it are we? Have a good day :) x


You're stronger than him Rochey, that's what he doesn't realise. :)

He has to do his creeping up and jumping out of the blue now to get noticed,

but you've got his measure.

He may make you jump, but he won't make you weaker than him, no siree. ;)

You are doing absolutely great, and if you need reinforcements - we are all

here. :D:D Have a good day. bbx


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