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Any good help quitting books out there please?

I love reading and have been going to bed earlier generally so I thought why not get some books to reinforce my quit, I feel absolutely fine at the moment but I have been down this path ALOT so I want something I can read on an evening and then refer back to if I have a wobble, not looking at getting the Allan Carr book but any other useful ones that people have read I would be really interested in hearing about, thanks :)

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Other than "Easy way" Chris Holmes' Nicotine: The Drug that Never Was and Neil Casey's The Nicotine Trick: The Totally New Way To Stop Smoking have had good "reviews" over the years. I can't vouch for them as I mostly used the links in my sig and a bit of Easy Way:)


Thanks will have aloof at those :)


I've seen a few posts about an Allen Carr book, can't say anymore

Really as I've not read any myself but I'm sure someone more knowledgable will be along shortly :-D


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