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Quitting for good

Hy everyone i,m new here but have been reading the forums for a couple of days! Well i had my last smoke at 6.30 and decided enough is enough. After many attempts at quitting i want this to be the one! It is a bit daunting and i know that i will find it hard by the time i get to day 3. But think armed with all the knowledge the many sites and this forum i shud be able to get through it. Anyway i dont want to waffle to much just thought i,d make my first post

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Helo lilbear

You know you have made the right choice, don't automatically presume its going to be really difficult-embrace your decision and look forward to the rest of your life being free from the dreaded weed keep posting xxxxx:)


Welcome Lilbear..... Shabba is right... a positive attitude will help you ever so much.... if you say it will be difficult it most likely will be..... post and read.... everyone is amazing on here!! Good luck!


Agree with the comments above, take it as it comes, stay positive, baby steps, arm yourself with knowledge as that is key and stay on the forum.

We're all here to support you...


Hi LilBear,

Welcome to the forums, a great place :)

Also congrats on your decision.

I have found reading and listening to "allen Carrs easy way to stop smoking"

let me see that there is nothing to give up,

sounds crazy but ........ trust me!

Then to stay stopped ( and happy about it) I try to help other

smokers like how the cool people on this forum do.

I love being a non-smoker :D


How is your day going Lilbear? Hope it's going well, and you're finding plenty to distract you :)

I'm on Day 3.. and I have never lasted more than one afternoon before- and I smoked 20 a day for 26 years, and it's feeling good to not keep going outside to smoke and wasting my time, my money etc!

Maybe treat yourself to soemthing nice with todays 'ciggy' money?

I spent my whole weeks worth on a dvd box set, one I've wanted for ages but 'couldn't afford'.. really i could, but i spent my money on a dirty habit instead!



Day one

Well my first day really well and surprising how much cleaner i feel. Its to cold to b goin outside so thats another thing i,m pleased about as i dont need to do it no more! I,ve got a treat planned for myself from the money i save so spurs me on that bit more! Well done on your day 3. I was a 20 a day for 27yrs! I finally said enough was enough but determined more then ever not to let them beat me. Thanks for the encouragement the site is a godsend.


Hi LilBear :)

Glad your first day went well and I know what you mean about feeling cleaner

it's nice to be able to treat yourself and feel you have earned it I still buy my treats

All the best



How was your 2nd day, Lilbear??


2nd day

How was your 2nd day, Lilbear??

Hy bellablue my 2nd day went well thanx. I feel much fresher and cleaner although the nico demon has been trying his magic. I have to say it has,nt worked. Heading into day 3 now x :)


Keep going Lil Bear,you are doing well.


Great job for hanging in there!!!! You know the lil nic demon has us believe he is SOOOO strong BUT he isn't..... he is just persistent and that is how he keeps getting some.... BUT NOT US!! Keep it up!!!! And per Tony.... keep:D:D


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