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Hello guys! This is the first time that I have joined a forum for anything, so I am quite proud of myself for making that step towards quitting smoking. I am not going to lie. I am freaking out about quitting. I have had countless failed attempts. The will is there but cigarettes are my biggest weakness and I find it incredibly difficult to have access to them and then say no. But that excuse is not good enough for continuing smoking because at the end of the day, it's killing me and I want to quit. So this is an official goodbye to smoking. Instead I am going to replace that addiction with exercise and healthy food. That helped me last time I quit properly (I quit for 9 months). :):):)

But right now I need all the support I can get!

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Hello !~ Welcome to the forum ! If you are determined to quit, this is definitely a good place to start. :)

Are you going cold turkey or NRT ?

Whatever the case is, there are many people like yourself here, and not too long ago, I was on Day 1 too. Good luck and be determined to kick this addiction for good !

Morning Jacqui :)

Many congratulations on reaching the decision that today marks the start of your journey to freedom. As Edge has said, everyone here is lovely and you'll find all the advice, support and encouragement you could possibly need to make this your Forever Quit. It's encouraging that you previously managed 9 months as you know a lot about what to expect (and that it's possible). Was the previous quit baby-related by any chance or is the 9 months just a coincidence?

A huge welcome to the forum from me. My advice is read as many posts as you can as there's nothing that someone on the forum hasn't experienced at some time or other, and do join in so we can share your experiences with you, whether good, bad, or ugly :D

May your journey go well and one thing is for certain- you'll never regret it. :)

Hi Jacqui

A big welcome from me too.

Great people here who have all been or are going through the same as you.

Looking forward to seeing your posts and great progress


Welcome to the forum, and congrats on deciding to quit - this forum is a great place to get support and encouragement. :)

Thank You!

WOW! I am really touched by how many replies I have just received. I have obviously come to the right place! I know that this is the place that will motivate me. All I need is a kick up the ****! And yes, I read Allen Carr, which helped a lot in understanding that the only reason I like smoking is because I'm addicted to it! There is no other reason! But I have done a lot of research and also work in the health industry. I am aware of how awful it is! But for some reason, I just lack the courage to give up my fremeny. As you all know, this substance has an incredible power over you and I have no control. I smoke at least 20 a day when I can. I am the definition of an addict.

But yeah, when I quit for 9 months, I became a social smoker and instead of cold turkey (which I had tried so many times before), I simply cut down and motivated myself through the most difficult experience of my life. After 2 weeks of consistently saying no, it felt more and more rewarding to deny the cigarette rather than giving in to it. At the same time, I still smoked in that period when when I was drinking. This wasn't very regular, but I have never quit completely. That is why, when I went through an emotional period of my life, I easily surrendered back to the cigarettes daily again. The concept of quitting completely is a very scary thing to rap my head around. I'm 21 and have unfortunately been smoking daily for the last 5 years. I can't remember a life without cigarettes. But I know that I need to get rid of the disgusting addiction now rather than later.

I however did find something amazingly motivational today. It's an app called 'Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson' which you are supposed to listen to daily. It basically involves hypnotism for about 15min and really relaxes you. I tried it out and I think it definitely eased my anxiety about quitting. I plan on sticking to it.

I am also at my parent's house for the next week or so. I never smoke when I am around my family anyway so it makes it easier to detox. Having said that, I am scared of the moment when I return to university and am surrounded by the constant sweet seduction of nicotine. So as long as I keep up the 'hypnotism' and write daily on this page, I am hoping to stabilize myself.

I honestly just wish I could get into a time machine and smack the naive and ignorant 16 year old in the face for starting habit!


Thank you! I really hope I can stick to this. But I am aware that at the end of the day, I am an addict. So it is completely unpredictable.

However, I know that I have to forget this idea and continue believing that I can do this otherwise I will cave earlier rather than later. Jesus :/

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Hiya welcome to the forum good luck with your quit and it's nice to "meet" you :) x

Hi and a lovely warm welcome from me:)

Great to have you with us and for many on the forum including me, I would not have got this far, so please post if you have any probs always some one around to help.

Great decision to quit.:):):)


And the support keeps on coming! Thank you so much guys!

I honestly just wish I could get into a time machine and smack the naive and ignorant 16 year old in the face for starting habit!

Love that sentence and is so TRUE! It would be so much easier, I also wished plucked up the courage to do this when I was 21! You can do this! xxx

I love this too, so true - only I was 11 :eek: the first time I tried a cigarette!!

Welcome to the forum Jacqui, it really is great here. Good luck with your quit, I'm sure you will do it this time :)

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we have the same question. how can someone actually quit smoking for good? and I happen to find this video of some indian guy on YT. and glad it worked, i am now a smoke free guy. hahahaha...

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