No Smoking Day
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half way into week 8

Well I am now half way into week 8

Feeling good.

I now have my date for knee replacement operation 20th January.

I will feel so good when I go for my pre op assessment and tick form to say I don't smoke

I will be 10 weeks no smoking by then so even better.

I will be taking my patches in with me though because as I am doing this step by step and just because I will be in the hospital for a few days does not mean I will jump the last stage patches.

One thing I am not looking forward to is trying to get up my stairs on crutches :eek: I am assuming I will need crutches for a while??????? Any tips welcome

The band sensation in my head is now passing at last so think it was another trick the addiction was playing on me.

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Not sure. Will have to ask at the pre assessment clinic.

When I broke my foot many years ago and was on crutches I couldn't use them for stairs and went up and down on my bum but I wasn't shown how to use them then.

At least once I am down stairs I don't need to go up them until bedtime as my bathroom is down stairs.:D


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