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8 weeks and a smoking trigger

Hi all. Wasn't going to post, however with the day nearly over and the crave not gone I feel I have to!

Firstly, celebrations:D. 8 weeks today and no smoking. I am so chuffed with myself. Then today there I was. Gardening in the sunshine. Finish the first hour and wham! Get a massive crave for a smoke. Its a big trigger for me. I would always interrupt it for a smoke. Anyway. I have been a most grumpy feb quitter on the hour every hour today and have finally given in and eaten my easter egg instead. Nogar is right though guys, where are all the febs? Bella is around somewhere. Has anyone heard from nana carol? We need a roll call.

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Well done for getting to 8 weeks !!!!!

You have got through the trigger ... next time it will be easier.....

Look on the bright side you've eaten your easter egg u'll just have to go and buy another .... woo hoo 2 easter eggs :cool:


Hi Fiona :D

8 weeks quit is great well done you

Sorry you had a massive crave today but it happens like that sometimes when not even thinking about them especailly if doing something you associated with them

I had one like that at 7 weeks anf thanked the lord for this forum and Stuart they got me through it

Hope you feel better soon and as Greg said go and get another egg HA HA


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Well done on 8 weeks! Wow 2 months, what an achievement :)

I know how you feel, have the same feelings myself, but have to reinforce the reasons why I quit in the first place. I'm determined to fight this bugger and WIN! You will too, we both quit in Feb (I'm 8 weeks tomorrow) and we're both still here, winning the fight.

BTW - didn't that easter egg taste even better? Yum - can't say quitting's done me any favours on the weight front, but I'll deal with that later.

Keep it up x


Hi Wonder Lungs :D

8 weeks tomorrow well done you keep it going


Marg xxxxxxxx


Great the team remains together :) Today is 52 days for me. I'm still craving them as well and doing what I can to stay in control!


Must have been this day.... cause I had some craves going on as well.... it's the sunshine..... used to LOVE to smoke in the sun.... maybe cause the weather here is mostly crap and I never smoked indoors. Actually the crave came from no where today..... strange!!! Good to hear from some Feb quitters..... we've done it, you know! Those crave days.... fcuk em :) I'll be seeing you around :D


Hi everyone,

6 weeks today :D :D :D

I am still here and still smoke free.

I haven't been posting for a while cause I was helping my sister move into her new house. Been kept very busy so im not finding it too bad.

Well done to the all the 6 weekers and the Fed team. ;)



Team FEB-wow wow wow -you are all doing fantastic-well done to you all keep it up xxxx:p


Hey guys

Another feb quitter for the roll call. Trying to keep busy and all that.

Well done everyone


I'm in my 7th week,and I have a couple of real "lows" every day. But I know it will get easier in time.


hi fiona

hi yes i m still around into my 7th week today feeling quite good at the moment just taking my time and enjoying the good times. dont know if i m waiting for something to happen or just feeling calm. going to see my smoking nurse this morning.hope everyone is enjoying being smoke free as i am at moment love to all xxx


Good to see you are still around freshstart! Its been a bit bumpy crave wise for a few of us I think. Lovely you have posted and hello to you Nana carol! Nice to see you are up and looking so much more positive! xx


Keeping busy, gaining weight and moody. At least one big accomplishment was made.


Well I am so happy so many of us febers are still around.... more moody, fatter, and poison free :D:D Shabba mentioned she lost all the weight gained at some point.... so I am hopeful as my jeans are starting to pop at the seams..... good going everyone! So proud of us :D:D


Hiya you lot. Me reporting for duty, all going well 44 days today, still reaping the benefits (not tonight though, we have two grandaughters) counting my blessings. Have not gained one ounce, still eat at the same time, and don't graze. Good to see everyone else giving it a go still and keep the faith in yourselves. David xx


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