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No Smoking Day
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Half Way Through Month 3

Having given up on 12th Feb, I'd been doing great. No cravings, or anything, which was great! Gave up using will power alone, had Nicotin Gum as a back-up, but never had the need to use any (I didn't want to get hooked on it, so I never used it).

All of a sudden weekend before last I get a mild flu! Since then everytime I'm at work and it gets to about 2 ish till I finish and go home, I have major cravings! Been close to giving in now and then, but so far haven't! Was thinking it could be the fact that I've been coughing up gunk and having a blocked nose as an after affect of the flu, my brain been associating those symptons with smoking....

Have others experienced these cravings at this period or after an illness?

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Hi welcome to the site

Maybe it's just a delayed reaction :p - only joking! - You've done brilliant and you know you don't really want to go through all that again. It's the only way forward and you're already so much further down the line than most of us on here - you're a pro by my standards!!

You may get a reply from Buffy who is something of an encyclopaedia on the subject of symptons and useful suggestions - much more use than me...

Best wishes stick with it



Welcome x Droze x

Man it's a tough thing,

We can all give our tuppence worth but it's so individual!

I quit 27th feb, got rushed to hospital with pneumonia got out 4 days later but bed ridden for weeks, it was 2 weeks b4 i wanted to smoke. by then no way! to scary lol. i have struggled though, not going through the initial stuff peeps do, then experiencing it weeks later! ie cravings!

I really felt in this last week or so , it was a reflection not an obvious sight, that i haven't craved or been tempted!

More relaxed than ever! really! more so than when i bloody smoked for sure!

Oh and i have just started coughing up brown again too! what is that about?!

Guess your getting the old 'ooh i got quit sussed' feeling, subsequently followed by the 'Oh my god!' reaction :D it'll pass, just you've realised now you lost it for good!

Well Bloody done! :D


Well done Droze. 21/2mths is awesome. As loopy says wait for Buffy for the 'science bit'lol as I dont know anything except tasting the difference between a merlot.shiraz & cabernet sauvignon. Wine yes. Giving up smoking - you must be joking!!



ROFL @ science bit :D

That threw the girls! i did a bit of me :p lol


That brown stuff returning was a bit of a shock, thought it could have been the grim taste of it bringing on the cravings...

Who knows??? Playing football this morning, so hopefully the feeling of running around and breathing more freely will reduced the afternoon cravings!!!! Or I'll just be too tired to notice the cravings at all...



In this hot sun lol you're mad! well it will definatly take your mind of it :rolleyes:

That brown stuff returning was a bit of a shock, thought it could have been the grim taste of it bringing on the cravings...

Too gross!! lollol


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