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For those just starting out.


This time last year I started my quit. A year later and I am still quit! I wanted to take a moment to talk to those just starting out. In the beginning it is rough. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Looking back I have to say it was more than worth it.

Every miserable skin crawling moment was very worth it. I chewed on hundreds of packets of cinnamon chewing gum until my jaw ached. I gained 2 stone because I adopted the philosophy that I can have whatever I want as long as I stay quit. I told myself I was allowed to eat a whole damn cake as long as I never picked up a fag.

Well, a year later and I can run without choking on my own lungs. For the first time in 20 years I can take a proper deep breath and I don't even cough!

I loooooved smoking. It was my favorite thing to do. I didn't know what it was like to not smoke. I had 15 year of being a child before I started then 20 years of smoking. I had been smoking more years than I had been not. It was a part of who I was. I couldn't know how AMAZING being quit is.

So for those still on the first day or week or month:

-Remember that it is worth it.

-Take it slow! Focus on not picking up a fag for the next 10 min. In 10 min you can decide of you want to take another 10 min or give up.

-Reward yourself! Not just with a whole cake :D Treat yourself to something nice when you make it through a rough patch.

-Distract yourself!! This is so important. Chew on something or walk or work on a project.

-It is ok that you get royally pissed off. It is going to happen and it won't be pretty. When it happens just walk away and take some breaths, chew or just flail about until it passes.

-Talk (or type). Mash away into your keys and talk to this forum. I would have never made it through the really bad spots without this place.

-Breathe! It helps to have some fresh air after so many years of toxic smoke.

-Don't give up! Even if you falter you need to forgive yourself and keep going.

There are no words for how great it feels to be free from the constant niggling to puff away. I want this amazing feeling for all of you.

A special thank you to all who helped me and best wishes to those on the journey to quit.

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Perfect timing...just what I needed to hear.

A million thanks!


Congratulations RiverSong!

Now is that a real year, or a wibbly wobbly timey wimey year :p

What a lovely post, Riversong :)

Truly inspirational. Thank you.

And many congratulations on making it to the Penhouse by the way :D

Brilliant post and brilliant achievement. Some very salient advice too. I always found a good, brisk walk round the block distracted me from any serious cravings in the early weeks, and at work I still took my 'smoking breaks', but just walked round the building a couple of times, giving the smoking hut a very wide berth.

Good advice thanks.:)

Excellent post RiverSong, and congratulations on making the one year mark - whoop! Great stuff!

Well done on your year quit and for the advise. I have quit before and like yourself gained 2 stone. Wish now I had never started again :/ But onwards and upwards I will do it again and this time I am not rewarding myself with a whole packet of biscuits for supper lol :o

Excellent post, thank you for sharing and congratulations :)

I loved smoking too


royally nice words.

I too loved smoking very veeeery much and totally get your advice about thrashing about till the craving passes. Done it several times myself.

Trouble is when you're alone, it's tempting to think you can't cope or it's toooooo blinkin hard.

Well it is hard, that's why we have forums. We go nuts, we chew the ceiling, We do chocolate, we take our mind of it, we don't smoke, we all live happily ever after.


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