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Just started day 1...Again!



I have been wanting to quit again for a while now and after two other failed attempts and recent bad health I decided last week that today was the day I was gonna go for it and hopefully this will be my last attempt! My last smoke was 6.45 this morning and I just had something to eat and suddenly realised I couldn't reach for the fags! that was a hard moment and i know I am gonna have more moments just like that but after my first quit in 2002 I know it gets easier, it’s just a shame that I almost hit the one year mark but gave in to one craving that put me right back to the beginning! so I have everything crossed this time I can do it and get past that one year mark!

Love reading everyone’s personal stories on quitting the cigarettes, which really helps. :)

Take care


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Hey good luck hun!

1 hour/day at a time for now ;)

I too am starting day 1 again today :D

All the best,

Mixxy xx

Hi Kerry and welcome to the forum. You have done this before so you know the drill, take it one day at a time. Try to read as many of the links as you can it will help you keep your head in the right place.

How are you doing this CT, NRT, Champix? Does not really matter just gives the rest of a better idea of how to help you if you need it.

Stay strong, keep posting, keep reading.

Thank you for your comments :o) I am on the new 25mg patches and the inhaler, The doctor wouldn't even entertain giving me champix though champix worked for my stepdad.. But forums like this really help simply cos you know you are not the only one going though it.

Take care


Good on you kerry

Hey Kerry

Well done you for making the decision ...

I'm with you on day 1 - I'm off work and the temptation to go through the bins for a stray fag end is shocking!! But, this too will pass, as they say. I just keep looking at all these people on here and thinking, it must be do-able. It must be. There's nothing so special and unique about my addiction - it isn't worse than the addictions of all these other people, and i'm not weaker. So it must be do-able!


Good Luck Kerry

Hi Kerry ,

Well done on being determined to stop smoking !.:D

I once stopped smoking before on one of my previous quits for almost a year myself before dropping my guard and starting again .....frustrating grrrrrrr.

Having stopped and started myself several times before , I am determined that whatever happens this is my ultimate quit and I will never smoke another cigarette again .

Would be interested to know how long you have smoked and how many per day ?

Best wishes


20 a day for 30 years :eek:

Quit 28th April 09

3 months patches

7 months C.T

Hi Kerry,

2010 is the year of the '78 child quitter :P ... that is assuming you're not 78 years old...

Any who...good luck, be take it slow and try not to count every cigarette not smoked, hour passed etc. Instead try to sit back and enjoy the extra time and money you'll have!

Hi Kerry,

I echo stav_98's reply! He talks lots of sense. Take each day as it comes and enjoy them being a non-smoker. You will get there if you really are focused. The first few days are the "worst" - but don't worry you don't die from giving up smoking, you really cannot.

Stay focused. Keep telling yourself the reasons you are stopping smoking. Dont give in. Be firm. Keep an eye out for those silly triggers (the moments, places, times, situations, circumstances) when/where you used to smoke. These triggers are the things you need to watch out for once the physical cravings go away.

GO FOR IT! Do this for yourself. BE FREE. BE HEALTHY. BE SMOKE FREE.

Good luck with your quit. Keep us posted.


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