Starting Champix today

Hello all

I started Champix this morning - My set quit day is next Wednesday 23rd Jan.

I have been smoking 25+ since I was 17 (now 37) and I have failed miserably at quitting with all available NRT methods and zyban over the years. To my utter shame, I could not give up whilst pregnant (although I halved my consumption out of guilt and shame ) ... I can still see myself sneaking outside wearing a big coat to hide my bump and hating every moment of it. My son is now 3 1/2 and I decided to quit not only for him but also because I realised that the addiction is taking over my life, that every cigarette I smoke is fulfilling a need that exists only because I smoke and I hate myself more and more for it.

I would like to join you as I know (from my almost successful attempt with quitting with zyban for 9 months - a few years ago) how important it is to be able to share your experience with people as addicted as you are. It has also been difficult to find any user information on the Champix side so I am so glad I found you and I hope some of you will help me as I go through the various stages.


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  • Hello Catmagpie and to the forum!

    You're right, it is good to share with people who know what you're going through and we do! We're all here for you and you'll find loads of good advice and just plain warm-hearted support.

    Champix has worked for me after many attempts using just about every aid known to humankind and some not known! So it bodes well for you: if I can do it, so can you:)

    Best of luck and keep talking;)

  • Thanks steveh!

    I am not expecting a miracle cure as I know that it is ME that has to stick at it - so easy to see this in writing!

    But funnily today, I do not not seem to feel the urge so much - maybe the placebo effect of knowing what Champix can do?

    Thanks again for the warm welcome!

  • Hi catmagpie, l am also on Champix. I smoked between 40 and 50 a day for 47 years. I think that Champix are wonderful, they have really, really helped me. Of course, you still need determination and will power, but if you REALLY WANT to quit, they will help you no end. The cravings are not nearly as bad as l expected them to be, although having said that, some days are worse than others. The thing to do is, when you get a bad craving, come on here, and by the time you have read a few posts, you will find that it has passed. :) Good luck.

    Josie xx

  • well done all of youy

    im on day 6 on chimpax and havent had a fag at all today just didnt want one so im so pleaseed they must be working

  • WELL DONE Kay, you're doing really well. Keep up the good work and come back tomorrow to report in Tee Hee :D:D:D

    Josie xxx

  • Champix

    Hi, I've been on Champix a week now & feel no different appart from the fags are beggining to taste funny. my stop smoking day is Thursday so fingers crossed. good luck x

  • Hi, I've been on Champix a week now & feel no different appart from the fags are beggining to taste funny. my stop smoking day is Thursday so fingers crossed. good luck xHi Debslair, you will be ABSOLUTELY FINE :D I think that most of us on Champix felt the same way as you, on the starter pack, BUT, when the big Q day arrives, you suddenly realise that YES, you CAN do it. :cool: Good luck for Thursday :)

    Josie xxx

  • Welcome aboard Catmagpie and good luck with your planned quit.

    You may want to consider bringing your quit date forward to avoid the 3rd and 7th days falling at weekends, but you've been here before so I guess you know where your at.

  • Thanks John - I may move to Tuesday instead. It is now Day 2 on Champix and I am not getting that much of a "hit" from the cigarette - they started tasting funny. I was not expecting anything to happen that fast but I guess it is a good thing ;)

    No side effect so far apart for feeling a bit "fuzzy" - I have followed all of your advice (take with food, lots of water etc)


  • Hello all.

    Day 3 on Champix - Well.... - it seems to be working - I am putting the cigarettes out half-way through smoking them - they taste like cardboard, more or less. Still feeling the urge however so I am lighting up at my "usual" craving times, but not getting the hit much - it feels like switching to a "lighter" type of cigarette so I suck in more but feel like getting less.

    No side effects to report apart from still feeling a bit fuzzy and being a little short-tempered but it may not really be the drug's effect? I am assuming that by blocking the nicotine receptors and releasing a lesser dose of dopamine, I am essentially not getting the full dopamine count nicotine would give me even when smoking? Anyone knows?

    I am gearing towards the big Q day - but still fighting those voices in my head challenging my determination at times. Fleeting but oh so tempting...


  • Hello m x x x x

    I smoked through all my pregnancies too so feel your guilt there, I tried to quit but I couldn't with the hormonnes and all :o I did cut back too though.

    I am glad the Champix seems to be taking the right course of events for you and with little infliction to yourself!!

    Hang tight and get ready for the Q day! x x

    Plan well and you'll be fine x

    ~Buffy x x

  • Day 4 and no side effects this morning at all - also sleeping like a baby and having odd dreams that I can actually remember (I had my hair cut short and dyed purple last night...on TV!)

    I am not counting the cigarettes I still smoke - I still have the same feeling of dissatisfaction and the taste of them has definitively changed. As the dose increase, I am assuming I will cut down "naturally"?

    Well done all of you quitters! Reading your posts is really helping!


  • hiya, im on day 6 of champix and havent even cut down yet, im reading your posts with interest

    my cigs do taste different a bit but only for an hour after taking the pill.

    will be interesting to see how we both get on and how it affects us.

    im gonna try to quit on monday if the pills start working .

    please let me know how you get on

    jude xx

  • Hi Jude

    We are not far from one another !- I am thinking that if the effects stay as positive and grow I'll quit on Tuesday just after you - I was not expecting anything to happen for some time to be honest (previous experience with Zyban) so I am really surprised. But I guess we all respond differently to these types of drugs. I think I cut down but only because I am putting them out very soon after lighting up but I have some way to go on the habit side of things..

    I am glad to have found you as a buddy - I am sure we will have fun (and possible terrible times) together :)

  • hey, fun sounds good :)

    if you need to shout at someone here!!

    jude x

  • Looking forward to it Jude!

    Hi kickinbutt - I am sure we can all do it - it is so nice and uplifting reading all the success stories on this board. I keep telling myself as I smoke that I will soon be free from the monkey on my back whispering in my ear that I am "enjoying" it. I did a fair bit of reading about the addiction side which has helped enormously in making the decision. I never really looked into it or understood it during my past attempts. Did you get your prescription already?


  • hiya, im just wondering how you are getting on :)

    jude xx

  • Hi Jude

    Weekend was odd - I felt like smoking more but put the cigarette out after a couple of puffs as I could not stand it. I drastically cut down without much trying and my CO2 at the stop clinic were half what they were last week at the same time.

    But... at times I feel panic rise at the idea of stopping - that small voice in my head telling me it might not be the right time...I keep telling myself that this is pure delusion but it is hard!

    And you - is today the big day? How are you feeling?


  • i know what you mean, silly isnt it , as if im gonna lose something!! :rolleyes:

    im ok, havent had any today, didnt even want one!

    im getting sick of having a headache though! but if it works then ill put up with it.

    keep at it ...we will celebrate in one weeks time :)

    jude x

  • Well this is my first day - put down the last cigarette last night at 10 pm. I had thought of bringing my quit day to yesterday but decided to stick to my original date as I have many non-routine things happening today :rolleyes:

    I had an incredible urge this morning first thing (I was a first thing smoker...) but I think it was more to do with junkie thinking and anxiety than anything and soon passed after I took the am pill.

    I am feeling a little elated that I am feeling so good as any smoking thoughts are so manageable but I know this is only the beginning!


  • Way to go m!!

    Good luck for the rest of the day x x

    Glad you are feeling positive, that will help you along!

    Keep busy and stay focused x

    ~Buffy x x

  • hey, your doing great :)

    keep yourself busy , my kitchens spotless now!!

    jude xx

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