No Smoking Day
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My reasons

Sick of being skint

Fed up of looking like a tramp because there is

Zero money for new clothes

Sick of smelling like a tramp!!because let's face it, no amount of gym chewing, Purfume spraying, air freshener spraying will get rid of the stench, if you smoke, you stink! Fact!

I'm fed up of trying to hide it from people!! Not many people know I started up again last year after a 7 year quit! :0

BUT the biggest reason for me is my kids! Cancer rules my family so far, my dad died of it and my mum, auntie and nan are all in recovery. They all smoke. I want to break the chain!!

I want to see my kids and grand kids grow up!! :-)

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Good for you Rosie. All excellent reasons :)

You sound like a very determined lady to me.


Thank you, I did have a little wobble about an hour ago. The craving was so strong!

But I didn't give in, couldn't face dragging the kids to the shops! Lol

Feel calmer now, tomorrow will be hard, they are back at school and I will pass the shops 4 times on the school run :0

I will keep reading this post to remind me if my reasons!! Day 3 tomorrow, I go from thinking "wow this is easy!" To "I'm going to cry, this is so hard!" In a matter of seconds.

But I WILL get through it :-)


Good girl- that's the spirit :)

Just keep posting amd plodding on and time will pass before you know it.


Rosey when you leave the house just make sure you have no money, no cash cards - nothing with you.....then if you pass the shop and the urge is really strong you at least have to get home first AND when you do get home, log on here and let the members help you - you know you can do it :cool:

good luck




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