Day 47 and still going!!

Happy new year all. Well got through Christmas and new years eve and now 47 days smoke free!! This forum really had helped as I went cold turkey since the start. I still have phased where I would like a cigarette but they are now becoming more fleeting craves which I can resist as opposed to "I want a cigarette NOW or I am going to go beserk!!!" which is how I felt a few weeks back

Hope everyone is coping well with a smoke free 2014. I always was of the view that I would always be a smoker and I would not cope with quitting full stop. I only wish I did this years ago! Is so much better not to be puffing away on a foul habit.

Keep going everyone!

2 Replies

  • Nice one Woody! A real inspiration to those of us a few weeks behind you.

    And Happy New Year to you :)

  • Thanks skiddaw. You are doing well and you can say you quit last year! Hope things are going ok with no smoking

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