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I'm back--534 days and still going strong!!!


Hi everyone!! I dropped out of sight just before I reached the penthouse and I want to assure everyone I did not fall off the wagon!! I'm just about a year and a half smoke-free and never going back!! The past few months I've dealt with a lot of issues that I typically would have faced with a cigarette in my hand or would have justified it "not being the right time to quit"- amazing the rationalizations we come up with!! But I can say now how much easier it has been not to worry about when and where to smoke (i.e. during hospital visits). I absolutely hate the smell of smoke on other people though strangely the smell in the air or coming from cars on the road doesn't bother me.. To any newbies who may be reading this I urge you to hang in there and promise you it gets easier. To those who encouraged me- Kat, Max, Donna,and so many others- thank you thank you thank you- you have helped change (and potentially save) the life of a total stranger across the pond and I am eternally grateful!!!!!

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Well done Roseanne, 18 months - wow, will be two years before you know as time goes so quick. Thanks for coming back and posting, helps us following behind :)

Lovely post and so encouraging to new quitters. It makes us believe we can do it too thank you

Thanks for the up date, blooming fantastic, I know what you mean, it does at least in my book at least, that the longer the quit the stronger the smell of smoke becomes.


Nice post roseanne, cant wait to get to where you are :)

Great post Rose Anne, nice to read there is gold at the end of the rainbow

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