101 days

Hi and happy new year to all..

Just looked at my app and saw I was a 101 days smoke free really pleased with myself.

Im finding im not quite so obsessed about how long I have been quit now which is great.

I have been off the patches for 2 and a half weeks now, was going to come off gradually but forgot to put one on one day and realised I didnt need them so happy days all around, just need to shift some weight now..xx

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  • pic4ever.com/images/balloon... Massive well done to you. I know what you mean about losing track, I copied the link below from another member because I'd run out of fingers and toes :D Amazing isn't it, remember those early days when I'm guessing you counted in minutes? I bet you couldn't imagine feeling the way you do now. I too need to lose some weight, I will be attacking that once all the Christmas goodies have gone, I can resist everything except chocolate pic4ever.com/images/meatbal... But - at least we don't smoke anymore pic4ever.com/images/greenst...

  • Thanks you two...Max you have a great way with words brilliant lol...

    Jenninegs that's what i keep telling myself at least I don't smoke lol...if you remember I joined slimming world; well It took me weeks to lose 3lb and I have put it all back on including an extra pound!!!...so now weigh more than I did before I started lol...but at least I don't smoke...xxxx

  • Thanks Kat...thats what I keep telling myself...after quitting fags anything else should be a breeze lol.....I need to loose about a stone and a half so its not too bad so by going to SW at least im keeping an eye on it and will get back on it on Monday xx

  • brilliant achievement, well done xx

  • Ahrrr...thanks...xxxx

  • Happy New Year Toyah you're doing great:D

    Go girl XXX

  • thank you Magwillz...happy new year to you too..xxx

  • thank you jenny..xx

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