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100..or 101 Days! Wowzah!!!

I posted this in the 3 mont room - going mental!!!

Hi all

I think I'm on 101 days (it was 14 weeks Monday just gone) - obviously giving up smoking has affected my maths!! Couldn't post yesterday was too busy.

I seriously cannot believe I've reached this point - 100 (or 101!!) days without a cig! Brilliant!!! And it does seem to be getting a lot easier and I'm now going for quite long stretches without even thinking about them. Athough I am not going to become complacent.

And today London Underground decided to have one of its crappier days - so I walked through 2 of our lovely parks this morning. It was a beautiful morning - I was listening to some funky choons on my ipod - and I just breathed! No crackling. Just big breaths of clean fresh air. Must say it felt tremendous.

Again - thanks to all on here for your support and for sharing your experiences.

And to others who may be facing difficulties with their quit - stick at it. I never thought I'd get to this point - or that it may be viewed as "getting easier". But as someone who's now here - it does!

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Well done to you, I enjoyed your story and felt like I had a walk through the park with you. Keep putting in one day after another you will be surprised how quickly they add up.



Hi Atomic :D

WOW 100/101 days is great congratulations and I'm so pleased to hear that it's getting easier for you now


Marg xx


Congrats Atomic

Wonderful uplifting post, great to read, like your sig too, 30 years is one hell of a change.

Overall the changes are good though.



Congratulations Atomic..

I truely hope for such an uplifting day at day 100 .

Well done and stay strong...xx


Well done you :)

yeah it hits your ability to add up simple maths first, then you find you sepllnig bcmeoes aefeftcd aswell ;)

Posting in wrong forums is only the beginning.. but at least we can all got a bit fruitloop together eh :)

We are quit, we remain quit and noone except ourselves can take that away from us.

Well done, and look forward to seeing you post even more successes as time ticks on by!




Thank you so much for your replies. Its people like you that have kept me going.

MAH - never thought I'd say it - but yeah the changes are great now.

Jase - Ha! Cheers for that. Think all the oxygen is adling my brain.

OK its Friday - looking for some delicious for lunch - then am off out for big pints tonight - and I love the fact I can do that without worrying about cigs.

Hope you all have a good one!!


Congratulations on reaching, and passing, what will be the first of many century milestones.

Reaching 100 days quit was a big moment for me, and I've seen many others say the same. When the day count is into 3 figures it seems to add authenticity to the quit somehow. Well, it did for me!

Well done to you, and keep on keeping on.


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