No Smoking Day
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Well...guess what???

After my dangerous near encounter with the shop and ciggies on Friday, Im happy to report doing ok! :)....

Its been difficult this weekend, I snapped at my 6 year old yesterday :(:(:( felt I issued extra big hugs and snuggles and kisses and apologies and promised we would bake cakes tonight! :)

Its 70 days today, 13 of these being CT.....its still seems a struggle though, but im hoping my mindset is better to deal with it at the still on a knife edge, ill be honest about that...I was walking around yesterday with an un-lit roll up...I had no desire to light it or smoke it, it was a comfort thing that calmed me massively so I need to curb that somehow....

When I think about it, Im doing fine, so far Ive coped and Im hanging on to that fact with both hands.....Ive done well to get this far, and I know Ive done well to come off the patches early and get to day 13 CT.....I need to remember that......

:D happily listening to Elton John Step Into Christmas!!

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A lot of people used to cut up straws and smoke those. Deep breaths probably give the same effect but a straw isn't going to kill you. If you don't want to keep sucking air stick a bit of cotton wool down it.

Thats not a bad idea!! lol I might try that one later on :D


You are doing fantastically well! In my experience the second week CT was far worse than the first which side swiped me a bit but the old cliche is certainly true, it really does get easier :D


Hello Mel, I made myself a fake rollie full of the tips, I rolled four of them in a paper and "puffed" on it for the first month or so - it did the trick, it got me taking in big lungfuls of clean air whilst satisfying the need to take a drag. I stopped when it fell apart, by then I just felt that I didn't need it anymore by then. Whatever works for you I say ;)


Thanks all :)

I think sometimes we need that little bit of false comfort to help us through dont we? Id still like a ciggie, but I dont crave one...It is the comfort thing at the moment that Im desperate for and not the nicotine :D


Pleased to hear that! I hope things continue to get better for you:)


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