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Well, this is as turn up for the books !


I honestly thought I would never make it to day 2 after so many failed day 1's. The daytimes have been fine but for those that have been supporting me will know that the evenings have been getting the better of me.

Last night I just said no, im not doing it and it made it easier. It just took more focus and it wasnt that bad.

I also read 40% of the Allan Car book which was really helpful. It helped to put things in to persepetive and was quite a wake up call too. I particulalry like the bit about smokers "pretending" they liked smoking. He said that he says to people that if they give him the cash equivelant of 1 years smoking he will supply them with cigs forever. Surprisingly not one person has taken him up on the offer. Why not? if they enjoy it and want to do it forever why wouldnt they? its the deal of the century!

Anyway, being on day 2 is a real buzz for me. I was a doubter and nearly quit quitting but stuck with it and i am so chuffing chuffed and i can see the beginnings of a clear path ahead. I am not naive and know I have by no means cracked this and need to keep on my guard for a long time. I am also expecting the most difficult mental struggles too. But for now its all about the moment and getting through the next hour and day.


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Yaaaaaahooooooooooo! Day 2! At last! Massive congratulations. You're up and running now. You are gonna crack this thing. Dead chuffed for you too. Chuffin chuffed :)

I'm so pleased for you. I think at the end of the day what you said to yourself last night is key. And you have to remind yourself that if you break and have the fag, you don't actually get any benefit.....you just feel horrible.

I read Gillian O'Reilly "How to stop smoking and stay stopped" and now I have this as my mantra. She calls it the Outline:

I have a desire to smoke

I have the freedom to smoke

One puff and I'll be smoking


I choose to return to smoking


For now, I choose to accept this desire so I can enjoy these benefits from not smoking....... these you have listed previously.

I's helping me in weak moments.


you are doing brill keep it up i found listening to some old music that i had not herd in ages helped me good luck :):):)

i bet the book has changed you mindset just enough keep reading it

i read it two weeks in to my quit and believe it was what has made me get to where i am today as i think i was a very weak minded and very addicted before and once i read it i came on leaps and bounds

well done


Loving the 02

crikey - all this extra oxygen is making me flippin' dizzy.... quite cool really.... :cool:

crikey - all this extra oxygen is making me flippin' dizzy.... quite cool really.... :cool:

Enjoy the dizzy spells. they are great. well done on getting to day 2. next stop day 3.

Thanks Mark. Feeling very proud of myself and my next mission is to post on day 3.


You should feel proud of yourself. We are all proud of you. We know you can do it and will all be with you every step of the way.

Hello, still going strong.

My body is having a party I think......... he he....:cool:

great stuff, magic!

Stay positive! :)

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