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Guess I should post here then

Merry Christmas All,

In all the excitement, or rather the fact I have been traveling round the country since Christmas Eve, I have been absent from the forum and have failed........................................ let you all know that yesterday was 21 days done. Get in.

Mrs Don (Tracy) is also still going strong and is coming to the end of her second week, and to top it off my Dad quit on Christmas Day, what an end to the year.

Hopefully my news can give us all a boost if it is needed.


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Don, you are awesome! Well done to Tracy and your dad too, I bet you're well chuffed aren't you!

Merry Christmas

Molly x


Thanks Mols (you are awesome to)

And yes, well chuffed just doesn't come close. As much as smoking is a really an addictive habit, it seems quitting is also. After traveling the length and breadth of the country visiting relatives, they have also expressed an interest in quitting.

It is such a morale booster when you see members of your own family joining you in quitting.

Hope you are well Molly and you got everything you wanted for Xmas.

Don x


That must feel just amazing inspiring people to quit!

I've had a lovely Christmas thank you Don, quiet but a good time.

Molly x


Hey Don...fantastic mate, well done. I've got the dreaded MANFLU so a cig isn't top of my agenda for a welcome change (but neither is posting on the forum TBH) but I had to drop by and say well done fella.

I'm off now to draft my last will and testament as according to my friends and family I should only last a few more hours the way I'm carrying on.... So much for sympathy eh!

Anyway fight the good fight dude, proud of ya.




Well done Mr & Mrs Don

So good that you are quitting together, moral support for each other.

Keep going me old cheese butty, keep going :D






Well done Mr & Mrs D, and SUPER well done fo rspreading the word!

I think mindsets are changing, but slowly and people are scared, then they meet people from the like of this forum and see

1) its not all clappy happy horse doodoo, its a genuine support network,

2) How much happier quitters are now

and i think most importantly

3) its not impossible, its bl00dy hard, but not unacheveable

well done !


thats great news.. one healthy family

happy new year to you to x


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