Guess Who?

Well guys seems I've actually managed not to smoke a whole 2hrs!!!!!(91/2hrs if you count last night asleep!lol).I've binned all my smoking rubbish (ashtrays lightersetc) and I've had myself a nice hot shower to get rid of any smoke stink on me.Feelng ok at the moment - I remember I was very edgy last time (maybe it was just the effect patches had on me) Anyway I seem to be much calmer (at the moment lol) .Maybe this zyban stuff isn't so bad after all!


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  • hi

    Hi karen,

    Congrats on quitting. I too am on zyban and i love it. No cravings whatsoever.

  • Well Done Karen x x

    Sounds like you made a good plan! hope the sun is shinning there and you can take yourself out and keep yourself busy!


  • Cheers folks!

    harpe quick question --although I don't seem to be having craves to smoke I wonder if you can tell me what to expect by way of nicotine withdrawl. ta.

    Buffy yes sun is shining here. I was well chuffed with myself earlier as I managed to feed the fish outside WITHOUT wanting to light up(I thought this would be a problem what with me only smoking in the garden) However I needn't have worried as I felt nothing. Just got to get the rest of the pyschological "triggers" out of the way ie coffee = fag ads on tv = fag etc


  • Morning Karen

    Well done you sound like your on the right track. Good luck with the rest of the day take it easy and enjoy your freedom. Love Linda xxx

  • Well Done on encountering the garden :D

    Sounds your doing really well, nice one!

  • Hows you doing Karen?

  • Buffy

    I'M doing unepectedly very well actually. Its quite suprising really. I guess its true what they say as in " different strokes for different folks" cos I have just been cooking dinner - roast beef et al and polished off two glasses of red wine.

    Far from making me want to smoke they actually served to strengthen my resolve NOT TO! How strange is that cos everything you read on quitting says

    avoid alcohol. If I have to quit fags I ain't quitting red wine as well!lol


  • Ah girl after me own heart lol

    I never avoided alcohol! i have to give myself something!!

    Ner ner na ner na :p I avoided roast dinner today :D

    3 of the kids are at their dads :) (eldest four are my exs') and me eldest is shooting and me youngest never eats them anyway! lol

    Glad it's going well x x that makes life much easier!

  • Though i must say i have to drink nicer red wines than before! as my taste has changed, and the wine i drank before tastes like meths now >_< lol

  • If that turns out to be the case at least I'll have extra dosh to spend on a bottle (I knew I gave up fags 4 a reason lol) On a personal note hubby is going to San Francisco AGAIN (sounds familiar doesn't it?) Hes actually setting up a new dept in his firms US office -normally hes in London everyday. At least this time I will be more prepared. He doesn't go until 29th may so I should have over a week

    under my belt. I don't envisage it will be as bad as last time (I hope!)


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