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Well Well Well

Look who it is :)

Well, I don't get on here as much any more, but I do look in from time to time and this time is for a special reason...

Tomorrow marks the 4 Year anniversary that I finally said " enough is enough " to the dirty stinking fags!!! :D its getting so long now that I had to check what year I was on cos I couldn't remember HAHA ..... Hope all my fellow MMQ's are still going strong :-D

To all you people that are just starting out and thinking " oh, I wish I could say I'd been quit 4 years " ... Carry on the good fight and it WILL be you... Because somewhere there is a post where I said it to someone who had been quit for 12 months!!! Now look at me .... Keep going!!!!

Well, that's my 4th year ramblings ..... Seeya next year at 5 years HAHA x

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Thanks Kat & Max ... Max (( I'm da woman )) lol .... ;)

I just wish I'd have put the money away every day now!! Just worked out I'd have been £10,100 better off today LOL ... Ahhhh well :D


Hope you're celebrating later :D

I don't actually celebrate it really, just a little pat on the back and off I go... No-one to celebrate with, everyone I know still smokes or are tooting on the good old e-cigs lol


Wow well done.

What an inspiration.

Well done again. :D


Wow Slinky, total respect, hope I can say one year, two year etc etc, well done you x


Wow Slinky, total respect, hope I can say one year, two year etc etc, well done you x

Woah! Genuinely yes, way to go slinky! Footsteps in the sand for many to follow...:):)


4 years is awesome! Thanks for sharing that and I hope one day I can say I have been quit for 4 years.:)


Thank you everyone and don't even think " I HOPE ONE DAY " .... Cos you all KNOW one day it will be your year 4!!!! You are a hell of a lot stronger than the bloody horrible fags!!! ... And if you're in the early stages and still feeling shit (( and believe me, you're normal, it happens )) all I can say is, it gets easier!!! I promise!! ... My only regret is I didn't quit sooner... But I got there and that's the point!!!

Good luck to you all on the rest of your lives!!!

The sort of life where :

You DON'T have to time meals to go out for a fag

You DON'T have to worry that you're stinking a room out

You DON'T have to stand in the snow/rain/hail tooting on a bloody death stick

You DON'T have to rush out at stupid o'clock because the shop is gonna shut and you're down to the last 1 cig!!

You DON'T have to think " oh my god I've only got a tenner left... What comes first?? Bread/milk/butter or a pkt of fags "

YOU ARE IN CONTROL :) and bloody hell, it's a cracking feeling!!! Even after 4 years I've never lost the buzz of " wow, I kicked the bastards right in the knackers " ... IM WINNING!! and I will be winning year 5,6,7,8 - 18 - 28 and so on :) x


Good to see you Slinky and great to see you've racked up 4 years.


Way to go. I'm sure in four years time i would have probably forgotten altogether about this forum let alone post. I nearly forgot to come on here when i entered the penthouse :)

Perhaps also in another way i don't really need to be thinking about smoking forums anymore as i can now stand on my own two feet. Sounds a bit selfish that doesn't it?


Congrats and thanks for looking in on us.

I'm three years behind you but confident I'll get there. It will probably take about, um, three years or so, but that's okay. I've got time. :)


I absolutely love your signature Dgee.. " how long will you smoke to avoid 3 weeks of discomfort " ... Just about sums the whole silly thing up really ;) love it x

And thanks again everyone x


Hey Slinky,

Brilliant to see a fellow MMQ at 4 years. That's you, me and Greg at least. I hope there's others out there too. Huge congratulations.

Keep on keeping on!



Just so wonderful that you have done this and even more so that you have come back to show us all there really is life after cigs. Fabulous. x


Oh wow Deke it's great to hear you & Greg are still going strong too :) fandabidose :D x


I'm still here!

Hey guys,

I am still here, not been on the forum for ages as been off work with my baba. I got to four years too. Such an amazing feeling :)


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