Val's month 1

Well, month 1. Never would have believed that I would be here and still sane. It's amazing how quickly those first three weeks went. What is extra good, is that month 1 is a relatively short stop and then it'll be into month 2. Month 2 has a good solid sort of ring to it; I quite fancy being there!:D Plus, this is the first week where I can treat myself with the money saved.......previous savings went on a new pair of work shoes (how boring is that) and on bailing out a poverty stricken daughter at university (daughters, eh :eek:, love'em to bits :D).

Weekly saving is about £45 (how did I ever think I could afford it:eek:). So that'll be £25 into the rainy day fund and £20 to spend on me! Feels a bit naughty somehow, spending £20 on myself. Strange how it took me 41 years to see what a waste of money the fags were. :rolleyes:

Now I have lots of reasons to stay quit instead of lots of excuses to smoke.:)



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  • Hope u get something nice!

    u diserve it :)


  • Aaawwww, thanks Hayley and Debbie!xx

    My treats for this week will be a nice box of Maltesers and some peanuts for tonight, as Friday night telly is quite good for me (I can feel the pounds going on already :o:D) and also, I have booked myself on a coach trip to the Malvern Autumn Show on Sunday week! It's one of the biggest gardening shows in the country. I know it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but I LOVE MY GARDEN! :eek::D



  • Massive well done Val, you're doing so well :D :D

  • Thanks, Max and Gemma!xxx

    My quit is definitely feeling stronger now. Instead of hankering for fags, I'm just appreciating how much better I feel and how much more money I've got! Just wish I'd done it sooner.........:o



  • Massive well done Val, just look at it as spending money on you to look good instead of spending money on an addiction to stink to high heaven. You are worth every penny :cool:

  • Well done Val - you are inspiring me through a wobble - my two weeks today two more and I'll be 1 month too!

  • Congratlations Val! :D

  • :D So happy to log on here and see you are doing so well!!!! I know how tough it is but I have a feeling with your positive attitude you can conquer anything!!!:cool:

  • Anybody seen Val (noggin) on here recently - she's gone awfully quiet, just hoping all is OK with her?

  • Thanks, guys and girls for the lovely messages of support; it really does make all the difference in the world!xxxxxxxxx:):):)

    It is definitely becoming easier now. Sometimes it's halfway through the morning before I realise that I haven't even thought about fags!:eek: Also, I know that if I do get a crave, I can get rid of it very quickly by turning my mind to something else. Not that I get many craves now, thank goodness! But I shalln't get complacent......I daren't.



  • Hey Val, so glad to see you're still here - thought I was going to have to get on a 'plane and fly all the way there to get you back on track - ha ha.

  • chose a good name there! That's when I'll smoke - never again.:mad::D How could we have done it to ourselves and our bank accounts? I feel almost like a different person, so full of energy and fresh and clean. I think it's how I used to feel before I smoked.

    So, smoking me: smelly:(, horrible skin:(, constant headache, lethargic, tight chest, pounding heart, coughing, always fretting about when I could have my next fag, no money.:mad:

    New me: fresh as a daisy, clear skin, clear head, full of energy, heart behaving itself (I hope my body forgives me for what I did to it), no cough, no being tied to the stinking monster and I get to keep the £45 that I used to waste every week.:eek::D

    I keep asking myself "Why did I ever start smoking?", but it's no good looking backwards, what's done is done and it's the lovely fresh and clean and wealthier future that matters now. :D

    I'll be joining you in the Month 2 room on Sunday, neveragain. But also on Sunday, I am having a treat.....I am going to the Malvern Autumn Show; it's one of the biggest gardening shows in the country and it's ex-fag money that's paying for it, so I thank nicodemon for "coughing up" for that! It's payback time.:D I'll have lovely memories of it for the future, too, unlike the fags.



  • I love Malvern, years ago we camped at the showground for a Land Rover show. The view of the hills was amazing!

    Your doing brilliantly Val, and look forwad to seeing you in the month 2 room this weekend!

    Enjoy the show, you deserve to after all your hard work. :D

  • Thank you, girls and guys!xxx

    I am actually starting to live a life, rather than shuttling between home and work, work and home because there was no money to go anywhere or do anything. As well as going to the Malvern Autumn Show on Sunday (really looking forward to that:D), I have bought myself an annual ticket for Westonbirt Arboretum. It has cost me less than a week's worth of fags and will give me pleasure for a whole year! How brilliant is that!

    I couldn't go back to the fags....I really couldn't, I would be imprisoning myself and I don't want to do that. I want to go out and see places and have wonderful times and experiences rather than choking myself to death. I was at the Arboretum yesterday getting huge lungfuls of beautiful fresh Autumn air........ how could I ever give that up and go back to being a nicotine addict?:eek:



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