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Val's month 2

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Well, month 2. :eek: I can hardly believe it. A great big thank you to everyone for such lovely support and encouragement! :):xxx

I am so surprised to find that on a day-to-day basis I don't miss the fags at all, but still feel the "need" when I'm being sorely tried by something or other. Still, I'm finding new ways of coping with those moments and, after all, the only way to become a non-smoker is by not reaching for the fags! I won't let my guard down.

I went to the Malvern Autumn Show yesterday, (paid for with fag savings:D) and needed to sit down to eat my packed lunch. I saw a woman sitting on the end of a bench smoking a fag, so I went and sat on the other end of the bench, just to see how it felt, being so close to a lit fag. It didn't bother me at all, but I bet she was cursing me for disturbing her "relaxing (:rolleyes:)" fag!

In November, Mr. Nick O'Teen is paying for me to go to Blenheim Palace for the day! I couldn't afford these days out when I was buying fags......:rolleyes:

Stay strong and committed peeps! :)



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It's so amazing isn't, it that it takes us years to stop, I think the fear of stopping is such a huge factor in stopping the sticks, then just when you are getting in to your quit the fear comes again, but this time its fear of restarting the white stick.

So nice to be doing things with the saved cash

Well done your doing great

Thanks Debbie and Tracey!xxx

I'm really enjoying myself without the fags, and that has surprised me, as I could only see life without fags as a life of misery at one time.:o Now I know that it is possible to not only live without them, but to live a much happier life without them !:D



yeah way to go Val



as others have said it dont seem 2 months since you started this journey


I am so happy your keeping up your fight to winning your freedom back Val


its blooming brilliant



and its great to read your spending the money on yourself :)

sending ((hugs)) x

Congratulations! You have done so well. Glad you enjoyed Malvern on Sunday, enjoy your days out - You certainly deserve them. :) Congratulations Val. Isn't it amazing how little we miss smoking but how much we enjoy the treats. Keep going and keep exploring your new life, you deserve it.

hehe loving the icons Jen :)

hehe loving the icons Jen :)

Hi Carol, they're on a site called - groovy. JennineXX

Hey Val, well done. I'm so pleased you're still going and sounding so happy about it - me........well 50 days smoke free is rushing towards me yeeha!!!

Thanks everyone, for saying such lovely things; it really does make a difference. xxxx



Hey Val, well done. I'm so pleased you're still going and sounding so happy about it - me........well 50 days smoke free is rushing towards me yeeha!!!

I can't find a thread for you in Month 2, Steve, so I'll say it here instead...

50 days is so good...well done, you! I shall always be hot on your heels and you can give me a helping hand into the penthouse when we get there. Save me a seat and keep on truckin'.....:D

PS I remember you having a difficult day about 2 weeks ago, I'm so glad you got through it! How are things now, generally?



Hey Val, thank you so much for your help earlier, I just went a bit bonkers for a while back there. Sorry you have to go back to work, I love having a bit of time off too. The moody cow has now mellowed

Awww, thanks Jenn!



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