week 3 (again)!

Hello Again

I messed up my previous quit after 4 weeks (again) but got straight back on the case and feeling good.

I stopped on the 1st October and feel more positive than ever, its hard after that feeling of failure hits you but i am just going one day at a time and thats all i can do. I can't imagine a situation that would make me smoke this time round so thats good.

Hope everyone is well, onwards and upwards peeps


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  • It is great that you are trying again Jules. You are nearly a month quit now, that is really really good! Keep it up. Onwards and upwards now for you.xx:)

  • Good positivity just keep it simple, you're doing nicely and with that attitude you should keep on doing that ;)

  • Well done on getting straight back into it again. Sounds like this is the one.

    Good luck and remember, one day at a time if that's what it takes.

  • Well.done mate! All that matters if your quit now not before. Keep.it up and look forward xx

  • Thanks fellow quitters

    I'm cold turkeying but do have an e-cig on stand by that i've used three times so far, i think last time thinking that i could just beat it and have no back up could have just have been that little bit tooo much for me!!

    Seems to be a lot of us serial quitters on here at the moment, i try not to get disheartened and think about my previous efforts too much, i can't imagine many people manage it first time and they do say practice makes perfect, we will get there in the end!!!!!


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