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Day 3...again

Well, here I am again, back to day three.

I started stopping (?) again after my brief relapse on Wednesday. It's like a board game isn't it? There are lots of perils and trapdoors on the way to winning.

For any people here who are tempted to have a cigarette after quitting for a few weeks I can tell you to not bother. It tastes absolutely HORRIBLE and doesn't actually make you feel any better.

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...ahahah stop it! You're day 3 plus 30! That makes 33 :) carry on...we should always learn from our mistakes and you just learned the most valuable lesson:

- Cigarettes taste disgusting and they don't do the trick.

I'm happy for you. Xxx


Ah Nozmo, you have made my Friday! Delighted you are back on it and with such positivity, courage and strength. You will and can do this, everyone makes mistakes and how and what we learn from them is what counts.

Its never too late to start over and begin again!


Mmaya's right you don't have to start again Nozmo, it was just a blip, so just carry on where you left off.

I've been doing this for the past year, but I didn't have just one, I carried on and on.

And you're so right that first cigarette tastes awful and nothing like what you were anticipating, and I always hated it, but persevered until I started enjoying it again.

So well done for nipping it in the bud early and for starting to stop again!


Thanks for your comments you three; very much appreciated.

Becky, how long have you been going now? It's looking good!


15 days Nozmo. I'm still using the eCig. It's helping!


Nozmo I've just been catching up on you.

You made one small mistake unlike me who really lost the plot big time. Take it from one who knows. You've made the right decision in getting straight back to your quit.

I'm sure you'll find it easier to deal with now.

Smoking is just like a vicious circle that we're frightened to break. That's how I feel about it now.

Now it's crunch time for me.............I'm going to stand at the back door and have my last cigarette with the remaining 1 inch of wine that I've got left in my glass. After that my quit begins.

It's raining but never mind, here goes........................................


Well there's a good reason not smoke - you don't have to stand out in the rain anymore.

I love this commentary! Been in that position before. Wishing you the very best of luck with your quit.


Nozmo I'm now officially an ex-smoker. There isn't a cigarette or lighter left in the house and I mean it to stay that way.

I'm on a high because I'm so determined to stick to my quit but I hope my confidence will stay with me in the morning when I get up. Quitting has a strange way of making you feel insecure, especially in the early stages.

I'm back to square one now but you're more than one step ahead of me.:)


Good for you! How's it going today?

Sorry I missed this last night, had gone to bed.


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” - Churchill. Everyone enjoy the weekend.


Addiction is a relapsing condition. Doesn't matter if its cigs, booze or drugs. It happens to all of us, god knows ive been trying to quit 100% for about 4 years now seriously. quit for 18 months my longest and relapsed for 5 months and now im back with 31 days - will I relapse again? im not sure. BUT as long as you try again that's what matters.

So turn it into a positive reflection, sounds like you have with what you have said, so remember a cig doesn't help the feeling, maybe explore what it is you feel cigs suppresses in your emotions that you feel uncomfortable with holding. I personally believe that is the root of addiction, not the chemical.

good luck :) xxx


Nozmo.......Thank you for not quitting to quit... Strongs !!!


Hello Hercu, Thank YOU for your support! Still going strong!


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