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Day 5 check in

Hey folks. So today is day 5 in my quit and so far so good! Really noticed that I am just not thinking about fags really at all! Which is excellent yer but I just know that day will come at some point and I just need to be ready for it!

I was at uni earlier, and we had a 5 min break. I didnt really know what to do with myself so i took my Ecig in search of the smokers (can reley on them for a chat) and maybe had a puff on ecig?? but it wasnt until about half an hour later i realised that I didnt even notice they were smoking really and number two the thought of 'i would like one of them' never even crossed my mind! :eek:

Tomorrow is Day 6, and I dont wanna rush anything but i think im gonna just cold turkey it and get the Nico out of my system. I feel in a good head space this time, if it goes tits up ill go back to my ecig no probs really is it, as long as not actual fag!

peace out xx

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Yes you are well on your way and appear very focused! Fantastic your well to week one, doesn't that sound good!

This forum is the best loads to read and post about, so keep reading for me it was the difference between keeping quit and just giving in,.

So wish you well and just post if you need any help, always some on on hand to help my lovely

Well done :):)



Sounds like you're in a good place, almost a week. So well done my love:)

Fi x


Thank you Everyone :D

My biggest fear usually (and what the demon says on convince me to start again) is getting fat (which i know alot of ladies and maybe gents will agree) BUT I actually dont care anymore. Rather than being a victim I am taking control. So im doing 21K bike rides 4/5 nights a week. Takes an hour and im fooked after but two birds with one stone and all that :) I see alot of ex smokers take up fitness as a new outlet and thats great, really is.

Love being a non smoker :D xxxx


me too. love that im tasting things more, eating a lot more, smelling better, feeling cleaner and fresher and i can even see my skin improving.. and this only after a week? Its worth to keep up the effort to see what further improvements come! lol.

As for getting fat.. we can deal with that later! right now its the smokes we need to put in the coffin and burry! once thats done... we can deal with other things... but sounds like ur doing great. Gonna hold off another week and keep going with the effort to not smoke, but then im gonna start swimming one evening per week.. and then maybe start getting up early and going for a short jog one or two mornings. Fitness is defo a way people seem to commit their quits

Sounds like a plan! Introducing a new way of life bit by bit, I think getting into fitness helps because lets face it, smoking impacts that ALOT so if you really get into you dont want to ruin your 'form' by starting to smoke again so i guess that Psyche makes sense! Atm...Its cake all round, I had a fresh cream Scon for lunch ahaha! xx


Yay Nikki, sounds like this ones in the bag :D

I signed up to the gym last week but have yet to start, that's next weeks plan. I went a good walk after lunch today and I felt it but not as much as I woulda if i still had been smoking. Also lost 3lb at this weeks weigh in so I'm well chuffed!

Onwards and upwards for us Nikki woohoo


Day 6, then, Nikki. How good is that, eh!

Make sure you have lots of treats and rewards planned; that way, there's always something to look forward to.:D




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