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So far so good

Well today I move into the 4/5 month forum I have been a non-smoker for 13 weeks 15 hours saving approx. £600 but more importantly my health! When I first stopped smoking one of the reasons was I had great difficulty walking because of circulation problems! I could only walk about 20 steps before the pain kicked in and I had to stop for a few minutes because the pain was unbearable. I could then continue for maybe another 20 steps and so on. Well I am very pleased to say because I have more oxygen traveling to my extremities I can now walk much further distances, and even when it does become painful it's not as bad as it once was, that alone is a terrific reward for not voluntarily putting poison into my body, and there are so many other benefits but I will leave them for another day. So if you are on the journey to be smoke free there are many reasons to stop smoking NOW because the older you get the more the smoking damage is exposed, if you are finding it hard to stop NOW it's nothing compared to the pain you have to come!!!!! If you continue to smoke.

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Massive respect to you Rex, I am so pleased for you. I am now 82 days down so only a week or so behind you. Congratulations :D


Rex this is indeed very inspirational and is testament first hand of the power the body and spirit has to heal from years of assault. Here's to healthier bodies and souls.

Good on you Rex.



Rex, you're a star. Thank you for sharing, people don't realise when they first quit how quickly things start the get better physically.

My feet used to be really cold all the time and I remember I couldn't believe how quickly it got to the point that they were warm all the time. I never even connected the coldness with smoking.



Rex you are the man. You should become Wales next nation hero. You are focused, determined and positive.

Now if you are going to be sharing a room with me keep the place tidy and no farting xxx

LOL, you're a star Debbie x


I Promise Not 2

I am very polite and I wouldn't fart in a room! It reminds me of the time I was in the waiting room at the doctors and I farted, a man jumped up out of his seat and said don't you dare fart in front of my wife!!! so I apologised and said I didn't know it was her turn.


Hi Rex nice to see you still doing great, well done :)


Hello Rex...

I am watching you closely and I for one will JUMP FOR JOY when you get your new tv ! I am rather hoping that you will get the one you want in the January sales :)

You are doing so well and I am looking out for your next post of all the other benefits you are going to list.




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