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Journey into week two

Here I am again, reporting for duty! I have made it to week 2, surviving a busy weekend.

As I mentioned in my last posts, I went out on Friday night and although I had two 'heart beating, don't know what to do with myself' moments I managed to get through it with two puffs of an e-cig - but nobody in the party smoked, I must say, I did drink much quicker, so bad head on Saturday.

In the afternoon I went to see my 'smoking' friend and we had two glasses of wine and she did not smoke and told me I was doing excellent :D and finally yesterday we went to the pub to celebrate my week with two glasses of wine, and did good.

Bring on week 2 - I am very excited but still scared of situations that I haven't been through, but I guess this is an on-going thing, and putting on weight as I have just lost over 1 stone and don't want to put it back on, so it has to be Dukan again for me this week.

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Thanks Max, wise encouraging words as always. :)


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