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Week two and i'm still here

Hi everyone i have now got to week two on my champix its been very strange not smoking for 14 days and even stranger not having bad cravings,I will admit at some points through the two weeks i have reacted to thinking i should go to the back of the door for a smoke like when i finished my tea and my mind triggered off the thought,but i feel it wasn't a craving as it disappeared straight away,another instance was at work when it came to tea break and my work mate said "am going down to the smoke room",as he told me i had my concentration head on doing a calculation on a job i said "i will be there in five" just forgetting for a slight millisecond i had quit.Its crazy,scary and exciting knowing i am getting through this.The best thing i am feeling is i'm one less person giving in my well earned cash to go and stand in a queue crying in my head at the priced of the cigs and deep down knowing that the government will be taking most of the money out of the price laughing at me and to top it off i'm killing myself whilst doing itsorry government i will be spending my well earned cash on my wife and daughter hahaha eat that.I used to smoke rool ups and smoked 75 gramms plus cigarettes on the weekend so to think how much money i have wasted,i smoked for 21 years and worked this out as closley as i could.Here is what i have spent and smoked for 21 years.

cigarettes smoked on an average of 20 a day for 21 years:152,880

cost on roll ups and few cigarettes:£35 a week

per year:£1,820

since i started on an average:£38,220

I kid you not when you work out your own you will be gobsmacked and just think out of the £38,220 i have spent on killing myself how much has England quietly thanked me so that is a great thing that keeps me positive,stay strong everyone and keep going;)

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2 weeks, well done Stezza. Your post makes me want to go and temporarily stand in a tobacco queue, just for the pleasure of knowing I won't be giving any "smoke money" to the government today!


its scary isnt it Stezza especially the amount we waste every day,week and year etc on the cancer sticks for the goverment to cash in on:D

im craving like mad today and really struggling but keep looking at the money ive already saved hense one of my earlier posts, also enjoying not smelling and my kids are so proud:D

keep it up stezza


Welld one Stezza on being quit for 2 weeks, have a great weekend!:)


Sian, you're doing really well resisting the challenging cravings you've been having recently, brilliant.


Thanks biggrin that means the world to me :D but it mostly because of the support from this forum :D:D

Hopefully we will all make it to the penthouse suite xx


Steeza Am with you ...every crave ...just think You and the kids on a sunny beach..... Quids in ..and you smell nice ???



Well done, you're doing fab. The money we've wasted on cigs eh. I think it was Austin that posted 'I've smoked a house'. Me too!! Crikes!!

Fi x


thanks for the great support everyone and remember sian let them cravings attack you,embrace them and dont feel you are cracking,stay positive,strong minded and dont let your daytime thoughts run away as we all daydream and when quitting smoking its the thoughts of "oh my god i really have quit"can hit you.


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