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Next two weeks are crucial

The next 2 weeks are going to be testing for all of us lets all make it through to January 1st and not have to join all the new quiters :)

We can then welcome all the new quitters and really encourage them with our will power like so many on here have encouraged me reading thier posts or getting replies :)

Here's to a smoke free xmas and New year ;)

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Well said Michael

I'm with you.

I have now been a none smoker for:. 0Y 17W 3D 23H 15M 8S. I have not smoked: 4918 Cigarettes. That's a saving of £ 1180.50. I will now live longer by: 0Y 2W 3D 1H 54M. Since I Quit on the 16 August 2007 23:30:00.The worldwide death toll due to smoking is: 1684504. Quitmeter free from


Agreed Michael.. that's 3 of us!:D


Me 4!!!!!!!


I'll join this one make it 5


Me too. im 6 ;)


Me 8.

I gave up Xmas eve one year and stayed quit for a while so I know its possible at this time of year.

Heres to a SMOKE FREE Holiday season for us all. That would be the best Xmas present!


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