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In bed tossing & turning


I've been smoking for 25 years and recently been going a few days here and there without a smoke - generally after big nights out drinking, then I find the cravings really kicking in after a few days. I have 3 amazing kids and want to give up for them. I'm going to do it, starting right now that's it. I haven't smoked since fri night and going to stop this filthy habit immediately. Right now I feel the withdrawal symptoms - I'm dizzy, feel nauseous, restless and have some anxiety. Not nice but I know it'll get easier. I pray I can do this.

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Hello Jonathan,

you are doing will start to really feel the benefits both physically and financially .....this is a great place to be, stay determined, and enjoy your quit x

Thanks for the note. I know I've got a restless night ahead of me tonight. Will come to this forum every day for comfort. Thanks.

Im assuming your going it cold turkey? Night 3 is the worst for sleep. Even after a operation and being on morphine i still woke up every hour :eek: amazing really. good news is by night 5 you should be sleeping much better so dont panic it wont last long xx

Please get your butt on here tomorrow Jonathan!

I know I'm not the only one who will be happy to hear that you have managed day one without too much of a struggle! :)

Best decision you will ever make.

morning and welcome, not smoked since Friday so you are proudly strolling into the beginning of day 3, keep your guard up as the next couple of days are traditionally monsters and then you will happily be the best part of one week done" :D:D

I smoked for over 30 years, heavily, so if I can do it then you can!!! It was this forum that saved me and my quit so visit often

Hi, hope last night wasn't to bad, just keep visiting here, and keeping us up to date on how your doing.:)

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