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Whoops, dam & grrrrr!!


Hi all. I was't going to post tonight because i've done the dreaded thing & bloody smoked tonight :mad: I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed all 4 of the cigs I smoked but after going nearly 2 & a half months i'm a bit pissed off with myself but i'm back on it tomorrow because already my throat is hurting me already :eek:

I feel annoyed with myself but to say i've had the day from hell isn't a lie (I know it's no excuse) but thought i'd just be honest & let you all know.

God it's so hard, I wish I was one of those people who just sailed through my quit but this is my 4th time & i've failed again :(

Here's to tomorrow & another day (hopefully a better one :))


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Aw Denise I'm really sorry to hear this. Month two is tough for me too, just wish it would get easier:(

Never give up giving up xxx

Hi Denise

I'm sorry you have had a slip up, and to my mind that is all it is. I don't think of you as failing and you should try not to either.

As long as you do as you say and get straight back to the quit, then just put it all down to experience. Hopefully the next time you have a really bad day you will be able to say to yourself that having a ciggie doesn't actually make any problems go away. So it's not worth having one, you have gone nearly 2 and half months without one so that proves you can do this. Just taking one day at a time.

You can do this!

Good luck


Whoops, Damm & Grrrr

Hello Denise,sorry to learn that it's time to pick yourself up dust yourself down time again. But that's the only way to approach your quit. Getting the big stick out to beat yourself up is no good; as long as you learn from the experience and try not to repeat the expeience.

So Denise to finish it's onwards and upwards best of luck



Denise !!!!! bend ova wile i wack ya friggin arse with a big slipper , WACK WACK WACK !!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!! now , if i see yer wid anutha ciggie after today am gonna give yer a liverpool kiss ! ( google it hehe ) Seriously tho girl get back on that quit soon as , you are me quit buddy even tho u are a week or so ahead of me , speak too ya soon, dont fret just jump back on it quicksmart xxx

Keep calm and carry on. If your best friend had been doing really well on a diet for 2 months and she told you that she'd eaten four chocolate bars in a row so she may as well give up the diet and eat chocolate every day what would you tell her??? x

Hiya, thanks for all the replies - I was scared to post incase you all went mad at me :(

I'm back on it now but I feel like i'm back to square one :rolleyes: My own fault I know :o So now i'm cold turkey & doing it for myself & all of you lot - fingers crossed :)

Denise (one day of so called pleasure has spoiled my quit, i'm back on it now with a vengence!)

ps: My throat still hurts - wanted a sad smilie there but not allowed!!

Well done for starting another quit so quickly Denise.

I was actually quite shocked you failed at first as i thought you had it all under control. You even went on holiday(jealous) with the money you saved. I even went out and brought sugar free lollies after you commented on them.

Sending positive vibes your way as you taking ona new quit. :)

Same happened to me unfortunately Denise. Got a bit drunk on Saturday night, was arround a lot of smokers. Caved in and had a few.

Straight back on it Sunday morning and haven't smoked since. There's a lot of hard earned habits we've broken - and having had one or two in a moment of weakness just seems like an easy excuse to break our quits. The harder thing to do is look past it and stay stopped!



Sorry to hear what's happened. It could have happened to any of us - none of us are immune to the temptations of "just one." (Or "just four," in your case.)

If I've read correctly, you're right back on the wagon, right? Are you starting over, as in "this is Day One," or are you continuing on with the March 14th quit? It is your decision how to play it; I'm just curious.

Me, I'd have to start all over at Day One. But again, that's just me - that's what would work for ME.

Hi Denise

I am glad you have started your quit again so soon, I have my own fear of having the five cigs that I have kept in the cupboard since my quit, because I tell my hubby if I have one, I will smoke again,I know some people can't have them in the house but I have to know they are there or I will buy some, I don't think you are on day one,

just take one day off,

what ever works for you.

I very nearly one/ five tonight so keep going we are all routing for you!


You haven't failed .....

Hi Denise

Don't beat yourself up about it ..... just a moment in time ...... what's important now is that you've decided to carry on with the quitting and not returned to the cigarettes. What most people forget is that once a smoker, always a smoker. I've stopped for 9 years first time. Then started again. Then 6 years. Then started again. Think we'd all be lying if we said that there wasn't a time over the last few weeks when we just wished we could creep outside and light up a quick one! It's always there. It's just how we all deal with it. So you are not a failure. Keep going matey. You'll get there in the end x

I've been waiting to post on this one, because I wasn't quite sure what to say, other than it's sad that you smoked a few. I guess the most disturbing thing to me, and which prevented me from posting was that you said you enjoyed them. :eek:

I'm pretty sure that if I smoked now, I would enjoy them too (well, maybe not the first one because it would make me feel dizzy). But, I have decided not to smoke any more, and therefore I need to perish that thought.

I guess it's one of those things where "once an addict always an addict"; maybe not for everyone, but definitely for me. The only way ahead is to stop smoking, and not romance the cigarette.

Anyway, happy to hear you are back on your quit!


well done Denise your back on track

I think you should be really proud of yourself,you dusted yourself down and got on with it again,thats a BIG WELL DONE, cos you didn't think to yourself OH well I've blown it now cos YOU said Er NO I don't want to smoke!!!! that's why I'm proud of you. Go girl you CAN do this !!!:D

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