No Smoking Day
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I am here!

Day 3, with renewed enthusiasm!

Day 2 was hard, I was very excited after Day 1 had been relatively easy, but yesterday at around 2pm I had a really bad craving that would not go away, I was really fidgety, did not know what to do with myself and cannot concentrate at work, tried the Minis (do not like them, I feel like I a gasping for breath!) tried the inhalator but cannot work it out, then had a peppermint tea (I used to have around 3 500ml bottles of Diet Coke a day as I don't have tea or coffee, but stopped this as I relate it with smoking) and it seemed to get a bit better.

Went to the gym and in the evening got busy cooking - I even had a small glass of wine and did not smoke :p

Rant over and thanks for listening.

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Hiya Marta and welcome to day 3, I am so glad you rode the storm of day 2 and came out the other side with the knowledge and determination of how to deal with the big craves. You can do this, take baby steps and before you know it you will be weeks/months down the road. A massive well done to you ;):D


Woohoo :D :D

Well done Marta!!


Thanks for your words of support, feeling optimistic....waiting for the dreaded 2pm....:confused:


Try making sure you are occupied with something else at 2pm, every time you get the overwhelming urge get up and do something else, even jumping jacks for 30 seconds worked wonders for me ;)


Im using the minis but cutting them down by using fishermans friend, the seem to fool my brain by giving the same heat in my mouth that the minis do.

I find that when I get that craving feeling, getting up and doing something has helped the 3 mins pass by really quickly, because we all know that 3 mins can seem like 3 hours when that crave hits us.

Hang on in there you will get through this.

Lillie xxx


Great Marta :D

How did you get on this afternoon.


Thanks for the advice, yes, need to get up and do something, instead I had a full bag of sugar free sweets, forgot they have laxative effects:( but managed to survive, bring it on. How did you do mrs mash? Nite!


Glad you survived it Marta! Alls been ok here, bit of a big crave this morning but I got threw it thankfully.

Speak tomorrow nite nite x


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