No Smoking Day
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Week three, here I am!

I just accidently used the Control+F12 combo in a chat window and displayed this and couldn't refuse myself the opportunity to share here:

I smoked my last cigarette 3 Weeks ago. I have £172.37 that I haven't spent on 735 cigarettes and saved 2 Days, 13 hours and 15 minutes of my life.

(Calling it up in the very minute that it hit 3 weeks without a minute over was quite a coincidence, especially as I've not even thought about the counter for a few days now!)

Woo Hoo Me!


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Way to go Plummie Boy!!!:)

Celebrate!!!! :D You are doing fantasticaly well ! :D

Still got a ciggie behind the wardrobe? :rolleyes:


Well done

Time has gone by so fast almost one month. Congrats mate. Linda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Congratulations - I really like your youtubevideo - for me it's week 2 :D


Thanks for the support, folks. I know that without the help I've had from several of you on this forum, I'd not be here now!

comments/answers on some specific issues raised:

Robertb: what does "freelance-language type person" mean?

It means I an a translator/interpreter although my job mainly consists of proof-reading and correcting what others have done. I also do a lot of general proof-reading and correcting work.

I'm a bit of a pedantic bugger (it's what makes me good at my job!) :D so "translator" isn't really true...

OneMoreTry: Still got a ciggie behind the wardrobe?

Nope, it's now on my night table. Every morning it's the first thing I see when I open my eyes and if I can think to myself "I HATE YOU" before going off to brush my teeth, it starts my day off well. :D

mojo-jojo Well done stinky... I mean Plumski

The only thing that I stink with now is sweat: I don't know how much weight I've put on since stopping, but I know my trousers don't fit any more so I'm doing something about it!

I smoked my last cigarette 3 Weeks, 1 hour and 55 minutes ago. I have £172.10 that I haven't spent on 737 cigarettes and saved 2 Days, 13 hours and 25 minutes of my life.


Well done for staying so strong Plumski!

Big congratulations to you! I have been quite 23 days now and loving every minute of it! Cravings have pretty much passed and I barely even think about smoking anymore.


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