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Day 17

Phew, I got through yesterday by the skin of my teeth.thank you to those of you who offered support and advice you really helped me.

I haven't got any sh*t going on I was just having a bad quit day.

My day didn't start so well, I was on an early which means I have to be up for 5. When youre only getting at most 3 hours sleep on a good night a 5 am wake up call is annoying to say the least. Ive also changed depts. at work, I suffer from depression and have gone part time to help me stay in work, Im customer servce manager now. Well I had the ****tiest customer in the world as my first customer yesterday morning. I had sent my team leader to get some reports and was on my own. Anyway I told him if he continued being rude I would ban him lol. So that set the scene for my day,

My deputy then asked me to stay for an hour,.....really helping my return to work programme there, two hours later I was still in work, So I really, really, nearly convinced myself to start smoking.

Today I have a day off, things are calm and lovely. Im going to my sons for dinner, I get to spend time with the love of my life, my gorgeous grandson and YES Im glad I didn't cave in. Im glad I logged on here when I got home. Im glad there are people here who understand.

But most of all Im glad that Im STILL a non smoker.

Thank you


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Well done on getting through yesterday, Lillie!

This forum is a life-saver, quite literally! Any time that you are struggling, come here and rant, cry, read.....whatever you need to do to get through. Then come here and celebrate getting another minute, hour, day, week done, fag-free.

You must be feeling some benefits by now...easier breathing, more money, smelling nicer (we did all used to pong :o)!

Have a lovely Sunday with your family....treat your dinner as a celebratory meal for having done so well!



Getting there

Yes it's strange how this addiction grabs you and keeps rearing it's ugly head,so your doing great. I to have a little grandson he's two on jan first, and it's soooooo lovely to not be smoking around him now, so understand how you feel about him, your doing great, 8 weeks for me, still very hard and piling on the weight but hay hoe not smoked, well done:cool:


So glad you held out. You would have been so disappointed if you had given in. Instead you can feel proud that you survived a day which, 3 weeks ago, would have had you strangling the nearest person.


Hey sorry to hear you had a bad day. One logic that always works for me in a tough time is 'If i did have a fag now, i would want another one in another half an hour...then again..and again so I will be no better of than i am now so whats the point'? and that makes now manageable as there are no fixes!

Well done though, you came through it lovely. Its very odd this quitting. I am now starting again as i went back about a week ago so im a day 1er :) but the above is what gets me through :p xxx


Good for you Nikki. It has taken me 2 years to get a serious quit going again and this time I wont sabotage myself again, if I do I will only be back here again, asking for support again, and having days like yesterday agaiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn.

I have struggled today again, but when I thought about it I struggled on week 3 last time, I am not going to have a week 3 again lol. Ive cleaned my teeth about 10 times, bleached them, eaten fishermans friend until I look like a lozenge but the one thing I haven't done is smoke and I ****** well wont.

A VERY stubborn Lillie xxx


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