No Smoking Day

Day 17

Hi Day 17....great to be here and well worth the fight with the nicotine monster.....but I'm winning so nowts a bother!. Hope every1s staying the course....reckon theres more and more joining the forum and seems to be a hive of activity on majority of days so people have 1 or 2 others on or close to the same day as them.

Come Jul it will be so busy I reckon and theres going to be loads of smokers who have to change their routines to accommodate new laws.....its a real pity but hey we will all be non smokers then so keep going! Challenge today is to get to Day 18 without the dreaded weed!

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Think of what you can do

Great stuff - nearly 3 weeks. Thats fantastic.

Seems to be getting brighter for longer now ... the Summer's coming. Need to think about all the things that you can do now to get out there and enjoy yourself. Even if its going for a walk in a park on a warm afternoon or sunny evening. Much better then staying at home in front of the TV smoking fags !!!!

Come Jul you'll be leading a completely different life. It'll be busy here alright but hopefully we will all be too busy living to really give a damn about cigs. I might logon here the odd time to try to help and encourage people but the smoking ban won't affect us 'coz we won't be smoking anymore.


You're both right, it'll be a shock for many but not as much a shock if they are smoking next December. I can't imagine standing outside a pub when the rain and wind is blowing trying to light up!


day 17

Day 17- should be feeling good and proud- have made such profgress and amazed myself- but do a very stressful job and tonight feel like sh**e. If it were not for wife just feel like going out and buying a pack of 20 and smoking the lot. I know it will not help and /i know its stupid, but this site is for being honest and thats what I am being. I will not give in like, but now and again the craving is there. Patches tend to lose potency at night and now snorting my inhalator to get more relief. This nicotine is like heroin am sure of that.

See if get through the night- am lowest ebb right now- help somebody, keep me going.




does anybody on here realise what its like giving up after 40 yrs- its just like hell tonight- am crawling up the wall and know I will not sleep and will be pacing the floor at 2 in the morning. So strong has been my dependency on the weed that tonight its wanting me bad and I am wanting it. When am at my lowest ebb ever, nobody is abaout to help. One hour till bedtime- hope can make it.

Help me people.



Don't give in


if you're still up please don't give in. I find night time really tough too. I've been smoking for almost 25 years. At night, I feel I've lost a friend fags. But they were killing me Ron.

Take it easy. Eat some fruit or drink some water. Do something in the house to take your mind off the cigs - even if its washing up or cooking something. Get a DVD or video .... go out for a walk but don't bring any money with you in case you get tempted to go to the shop.

I know its hard especially after you've smoked for so long. Just keep at it. You can do it.

Also - forget the job. Who cares? Its a job and its not that important. Your health is important and your happiness and your wife's happiness is important. Take up reading, or gardening to destress from the job. Find something that makes you laugh - like the 2 Ronnies ..... take the money you're saving from not smoking to buy something that helps you forget about work. Good luck


Just my opinion

Hi Ron read your message and my heart goes out to you, I don't know if you read my post on quitting and feeling depressed however some of the replies posted might just help you too. From reading your messages over the last few weeks I have been able to relate in some ways however having only smoked maybe third/quarter of the time you have I perhaps couldn't fully understand the extent to which you feel so desolate.

I've struggled- been really angry and really unhappy, just staring into space and being agitated to the point I've been really off hand with people- but ultimately feeling really sad. Today I sat there (day 16) and I really wanted a ciggy- I know it was just a self-destructive mood & notion from feeling so fed up, but the pre-emptive feeling that you are going to let yourself down makes it oh so much worse. I ended up eating loads of food-which made me feel weak...anyhow...

To cut to the chase and although fearing sounding like some wannabe psychiatrist- I think maybe it really has made you depressed. My dad has been smoking as long as you and he last tried to give up when I was living at home some years ago. I remember being saddened & almost bewildered at how my Dad went from well 'Dad' to this incredibly sad, defeated man. He wasn't hungry, he couldn't sleep, became very defeatist and tempermantal.

In hindsight I think he was suffering terribly from losing the emotional crutch that smoking provided him. (To hide from problems/depression.) He ended up smoking again and I firmly believe it was because he was convinced it was the ciggarettes he needed- not some sort of outlet/help/counselling for the reasons to why he smoked.

I haven't looked into the extra help the NHS can offer in this kind of situation as I'm not quite sure what I would qualify for -as I feel people must be goign through worse then me, however I think there must be extras out there.

I wish my Dad had as much willpower as you do (believe me you do). X


Keep Going Ron!

Hi mate,

Sorry to hear you going through hell at moment without the fags but you can bet your bottom dollar that if you give in now you will feel twice as depressed after smoking and will of succeeded all these days just to take a step backward, however that said you have had the odd 1 or 2 on occassions and possibly depending on how bad you feel you may have to succumb, even if to make life a bit easier for the rest of the family!. We all agree that we should be honest so that would be my opinion.

Notwithstanding the above you know all the reasons why you shouldn't smoke and also that you can do without fags for days on end, you have also had many cravings and fought them off so this is not a situation that is strange to you and is certainly one that you can win!

Was at work last night so didnt see entry till this morning, but hope that the good advice from Carbon and Booya done the trick. If not then "C'est la vie", we will continue to try to give up and we will get through this eventually.

We all have our own strengths normally, but smoking seems a weakness that all of us find hard to resist to differing degrees, but the one thing we seem to have in common is that we all want to give up and are trying are hardest to achieve that. I have said before that at times people will fall off the wagon and however good this site is it is not a magic answer to our addiction, but you can guarantee that there are people who sympathize with any feeling we have and together we are sharing the burden which makes things easier. Just because someone succumbs to the temptation or finds it extremely difficult to fight it off doesnt mean they are bound to a life of being a smoker. If anything each time you resist will make you stronger!!!! Keep going mate.


cheers all for your support last night and i mean that very much indeed. I did not give in and made it through the night and feel good about that- I was at rock bottom. Half way through Friday now and at work, ok so far so hope it does not come back tonight.

Maybe I am a bit deopressed, I do miss my crutch bit in the cold light of day know also it was killing me. I''' try and be strong. Got a very stressfull meeting at 12, maybe that set it all off- after that I will be fine I hope.

Thanks one more- there are some good people out there and muy faith in human nature has been restored- people do care.

Have a good weekend all- am going to get out on my bike and go for a run if I can stay fag free- which I hope I can. Nealry 3 weeks now- unbelievbale.



Great News

Well done Ron. I am really pleased that you did not smoke yesterday. I was really worried that you'd given in.

Sounds crazy but I was really anxious for you last night .... and was then laughing at the situtation. Here we are ... supposedly grown up well adjusted human beings getting all worked over some dried leaves!

Sounds like you had a really tough night last night. Like me, you seemed to be at a loose end then. Definitiely know that I need to get some hobbies going at night to keep me busy. Tonight, my challenge is to write down a list of things that I want to complete over the next month at night ...... that should help keep me busy for tonght at least and hopefully will fill my time with useful activity. Even if I decide that I want to watch a DVD, make a pot of soup, read a book, do a crossword puzzle, fix something, clean something ... doesn't really matter. Maybe there's an idea there for you?

Anyway, 3 weeks for you. I am really pleased. Keep at it mate.


Great Ron

Brilliant....was also worried that you had given in last night but glad to see you didnt.....really chuffed for know it makes sense. Like Carbon says it may make sense to give yourself something to do in evenings......just to help with the cravings.

I do appreciayte the problems you will possibly experiencing at work.....prior to my current job I was in a high pressure environment and can vouch that the stress can get the better of us, so fully understand!

Anyway well done:) :)


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