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Day 17 and all is well

Hi all just reporting on day 17, still no really bad craves, well nothing I cant deal with. Maybe eating a little more than I should, but I am sure that will sort itself out, my quitting is more important at the moment.

Hope everyone is staying strong with there quit, and are not letting that awful drug get the better of you.

Love Joanie x

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Is it me or is your quit just flying by??

Well done Joanie!

Helen x


Hi Helen, I know what you mean, the weeks are flying by.

I cant believe myself how quick it's gone.

Anyway onward & upward .

Love Joanie x


Well done :)

Hey Joan

I've been watching your posts and number of days quit go up.

Well done you!!!

Keep positive

Sara :D


Well done to you Joanie. Time does fly by. Seventeen days today and three weeks soon. Keep it up Joanie. Just keep on doing what you have been doing. David xxx


Well done Joanie

That is great getting to day 17 and I am glad that you are not finding it too bad. Keep it up and pat yourself on the back.


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