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Day 4


I am now noticing the time going a lot quicker. When I woke up this morning I had the 'time for a smoke' thought when I had to remind myself that I don't smoke. It wasn't a crave, more of a fleeting thought that I was able to immediately brush aside.

I still have my spray if I need it (glad to say I haven't so far) and again I say I will not get complacent or cocky about this. But I am proud of my progress so far.

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You're doing reall well now Mark, huge well done!!

Lol, I even said "I'm going for a fag" out loud more than once early on in my quit so you're not alone in having those thoughts!!

Hooray! Well done Mark!

Yes, they do become thoughts, rather than cravings and as such are so much easier to deal with. Even they will become fewer and further between, so it can only get better and better!

You deserve to be very pleased with yourself and are sounding like this will really be it....that you will have kicked his scrawny, scraggy little ass once and for all!



You should be proud of yourself! Congratulations on getting to day four!

I still have moments where I think 'it's time for a cig' then I remember that I dont do that anymore!

Me too! I had one today when sitting in traffic then I thought to myself how did I ever think a fag would help?? It doesn't make the cars move??

Well done Mark :)

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