No Smoking Day
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Hi guys

Hi everyone. Sorry not been about latly. I think the more we are non smokers the more probly won't be around. Thing that's life.

Anyway life going great. Still in the same job. And got a promotion last week. So all the hard work paid off. The fella moved in a few weeks ago. And I'm still not smoking. I do have to be honest tho. Since the good weather started I was really craving. Due to social smoking so I do have to have a drag of a e cig wen I'm out. But still give up.

Hope every one else is doing well. And believe me too all the new quitter it dies get better. I'm about a year and 3 months now and I was bad. Really need to shift the 2 stone I put on tho. But ATM I'm happy

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Shelly!!!!!!!!!!!! Was only thinking of you yesterday; glad you're well and still smokefree ;)


Well done Shelley, your journey was certainly not easy at the start you had all sorts of problems but you stuck at it and look where you are now! Brilliant quit for a brilliant girl.xx


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