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Struggling guys

Sorry! :mad:

Blooming fed up with feeling so low and irritable and snappy and horrible and did I mention low......grrrrrrr

Over the past few days I have had some of the worst craves I've had this quit. I've talked myself into giving the quit up and trying again in the new year but that fact I'm here means I'm not 100% ready to give up the quit......I could cry as I wish I felt better and more 'over it' but it's still a daily struggle to not give in and I think a big part is due to my low mood, I'm on the St Johns Wort and I do think it's helped a bit (christ I'd be rocking without it then). Just feel all bleurgh - what's the point anymore..........

Any kicks up the bum would be appreciated......I don't want to go back but I don't want to be quit anymore if that makes sense.....


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"KICK" there you go, the first kick up the bum to say NO your not going to give in and YES you can do this.

You have come so far so try if you can to stay focused and positive. You dont want to have to go through all of this again now do you.

Try some extra vitamins, buy one of the SAD lights see if that helps too. Anything hun so that you stay strong and never go back

Good luck


Think about how disappointed with yourself you would be if you gave in, you know for a fact you would feel ten times worse than you do now. Your quit would be out the window, you'd be flushing money down the toilet again and you would feel that pull of slavery every 20 minutes.

Look how far you've come and you've dealt with so much without that useless cancer stick. You can fool yourself into thinking you would quit again after the new year but like jo says - why go through it all again?? one moment of weakness is not enough to have to go through hell week again. Read your old posts from the first week and see if you like what they're showing you - chances are you don't like the person you see in them.

Also, can you be sure that you'll have the motivation to quit again?

Please please please choose the pain of change and not the pain of regret!



Now thats out the way!!

OK Jane- so you want to smoke. What were your original reasons for giving up? Was it health, money or a mixture of several things?

Only YOU can decide if you want to smoke again. But do you remember just before i hot my 100 days, i had a REALLY ba couple of weeks, REALLY struggled, and i got through it? You can too! You can get through it Jane, i KNOW you can!

Do whatever it takes (as long as its legal!) to distract you from smoking or wanting to smoke.

Like Sophia says, are you sure, 100% sure, that you will be able to quit again EVER?? Do you want to take that risk?

If the problem is that you are feeling down since quitting- have you tried everything else but smoking? Have you tried exercise everyday to get those endorphins pumping around your body?

EDIT- i have just seen under your username it says "doing it for my girl" that your daughter? If so, think of her, Jane. Think of her and how you will be cutting short your time spent with her by smoking related illnesses.x.


Blooming fed up with feeling so low and irritable and snappy and horrible and did I mention low......grrrrrrr


hi Jane, right there with you with all the above, could add a few more too.. but as the others rightly point out there is just no way to win by going back to smoking, at least that's my conclusion from my own journey to the dark side last week.

as smokers we could inject ourselves with a few minutes of endorphine cheer up, as non-smokers we have to wait for our bodies to get round to giving us the endorphines for their own reasons. we have to trust that our bodies know better than us what behavour/achievements should be rewarded.

as non-smokers we have to listen to ourselves and try to understand life: as smokers we just don't need to care, we could even smoke ourselves to an early grave without caring.

i'm irritable, snappy, horrible and low, but i care and want to live and get to know myself better... did i mention low ;)


Hi Jane :(sorry to hear your having a really bad time of it at the mo its a damn shame we cant send virtual hugs through this site as i am sending you one right now

i hope you get through this phase and thats all it is even though it feels worse do what the others have said read your old posts and try to breathe concentrate on your reasons and you will come through the other side

regards carol


Hi all thanks for taking the time to reply!:)

Have been keeping my head low for a couple of days but still reading here and there....I'm still smoke free - things are a tiny bit brighter than when I posted before, not out of the woods yet but a wee bit better.

5mol<er how are you going? Did the mood lift a bit for you too???

Take care all, Jane xx


Hi Jane great to hear your still smoke free :D :D


Hi Jane,

glad to see you are still smoke free- well done!

I know how hard it is at this stage, and it seemed to me that all the annoying things in life cropped up at this time to make it worse, but you CAN stay quit!

Well done you!


things are a tiny bit brighter

hi jane, yup, that's where i am too, those cravings really takes it out of you! when i see people smoking i'm thinking of all the introductions i used to use for getting a ciggie out of a stranger, then i think nah one would be cool but not worth getting addicted again.

i'm listening to a lot of music to get me through, and waiting to turn that mysterious corner the others have been talking about...

best wishes to you


HI 5mol<er

OMG I'm exactly the same as you

when i see people smoking i'm thinking of all the introductions i used to use for getting a ciggie out of a stranger

I've walked around with 50p in my pocket for a week in case I get brave enough to ask for a fag - don't want to buy a full ten, don't even want 10 - just the one!!! :eek:

WTF is that all about!

You'll be pleased to hear I didn't have enough money for a can of coke today so had to use said 50p........


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