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Hiya Guys n Dolls :) x


I have been off the smokes for a month today :D the cough is almost gone, so has the sore mouth and ulcers, and i have noticed my gums are a luvly nice healthy pink colour , and that makes me feel good coz i am paro about loosin my teeth , im always brushing them and even tho im 50 yrs old i have all me own teeth lol, :) now another thing i have noticed is , i have been getting lots of ear infections for months and months and cudnt get rid of them, no matter what i used , and had read that smoking makes them worse , now tonight i have noticed they have got lots better no wetness or smelly drip from them and i had too lower the telly right down coz even tho it was only on low , it sounded like it was booming too me lol, :D i am still very sleepy , even in the day but im sure in time this will pass , i have started too gain weight but im not panicking over that , one day at a time , i will tackle this , im single sooo i dont have too suck me belly in no more hehe :D I will get back on track , but for now im just glad too be still smoke free , and i have treated meself too a crackin bbq outa Asda , with money i have saved , bring on the summer lol, hope everyone is doing well themselves xxxxx Pat

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Way to go completing that first month! Keep at it!



well done you !!! x

Just brill.

Keep buying yourself pressies, you desrve it

Hey well done you...xxxxx:D:D:D

It's brilliant to hear you sounding so much happier. And that you're starting to see some real benefits - it does keep you going!

Keep doing just what you're doing. You might still have tough days but you know you've come through worse with your head high. And the further you go, the fewer tough days you have.

Really great news, I'm so chuffed for you. Let's hope the weather brightens up soon so you can christen the BBQ!

H x

:D cheers guys xx i do feel lots more positive , dont get me wrong guys , i know this is still the beggining of my journey, and the shit can hit the fan so too speak , as in one day i can be on a high the next old nick will once again try n get his claws into me , but i will be ready. im also glad that in a cupla months time i will have too go into hospital for an op, my ermm scaffolding has all collapsed down below haha :D the older ladies will know wot i mean hehe, but at least i wont wake from the op thinkin , jeez wen am i gonna be allowed up too have a ciggie :) so im made up with that one too , ..... when i look in the mirror now my cheeks are all nice n rosy and lotsa colour in my face , so im not thinking bleedin ell i look like an extra outta a zombie flick hehee, hope i dont offend anyone with my rambling posts , well i am a mental scouser lol, im harmless tho lol have a great day everyone xxxxxxxx Pat .

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